Martinez, Bender, Schneiderlin – Who’s Next On The DM Bandwagon?

By Daniel Cowan
In Transfers
May 9th, 2014

Where to start with the DM rumours? Arsenal have been after one for what seems like 50 years and every name mentioned becomes Twitter’s new favourite player. This happens every summer until we actually sign someone but then we’re not happy about that and call it a step backwards but then actually quite like what the player is doing so ease up on the moaning but start it all up again when summer draws closer because as we all know, we really need a DM!

It’s exhausting right? We had the M’Vila links and all of a sudden everyone was a specialist on him and they all watched Rennes regularly and knew he would be the answer. And we didn’t sign him.

Then we had the Capoue links and all of a sudden everyone was a specialist on him and they all watched Toulouse regularly and knew he would be the answer. And we didn’t sign him. And then Spurs signed him and we were fools for missing out. And then he wasn’t as amazing as everyone thought and turned out to be quite brittle.

Now we have the Bender and the Schneiderlin links and depending on who is in the media on any given days depends on who we are all an expert on. And just when we thought things couldn’t get any more circus like we have been linked with Javi Martinez.

It seems everyone is a specialist on Martinez now and has “always liked him”. I’m not sure I want to jump on the bandwagon or at least have it look like I am because I genuinely have wanted Martinez for around three years and have the blogs and tweets to back it up but this isn’t a who is better competition. I just find it amusing how the pendulum swings from one player to the next based on who the papers link us with.

If they link us with Khedira tomorrow then the pendulum will swing in his favour and he will be the answer to our problems. What is clear is that all of the players links are exactly the type of player we need to strengthen the defensive side of our midfield. Neither Arteta or Flamini are in the prime of their footballing career – with Mikel especially looking increasingly lethargic in his legs.

So in an attempt to get away from the churning wheels of doom on the imposing looking bandwagon that are threatening to pull me under I shall spend some time perusing some UK gambling websites for my weekend accumulators and hope I back some winners because the transfer window isn’t even open yet and it’s already close to intolerable levels – I’m going to need so distraction activities cash!

Before I head off to put my sagacity and good luck to use I just want to say that out of all the players we have been linked with by far the best choice is Martinez. Often compared to Patrick Vieira – and with good cause – he has the ability to play as a powerful and dominant box to box midfielder but more akin to another Arsenal midfield legend of recent times he is probably more in the Gilberto mould for me.

Intelligent at sitting in front of the defence, mopping up and releasing balls early to attacking players – and more than adept at playing as an auxiliary centre-back.

Will Arsenal spend close to the £32m Bayern paid for him – they are sure to want to recoup most of it – I’m not so sure. History tells me no but since we dropped £42.5m on Mesut Özil I think anything is possible at Arsenal.

Until next time.

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3 Responses to “Martinez, Bender, Schneiderlin – Who’s Next On The DM Bandwagon?”

  1. Chris says:

    I couldn’t agree more but this must not detract from the need to buy a top drawer forward as well given the price it looks like we will have to pay if this goes through.

  2. MH says:

    For that price I’d rather take Schneidelin + Krychowiak, as Martinez is not of the strongest material, which in combination with AFC’s medical staff is not something to look forward to.

  3. Sav from Australia says:

    Ahaha, the DM Bandwagon…I think its a lack humility where people just do not admit, even to themselves, that they simply do not know enough to speak as an authority.

    I am definitely not an expert like so many bloggers and twitters. But I do remember Mr Wenger saying he is going to only bring in ‘top, top quality’ – so I do not know who is coming but whoever comes in will meet that standard and that alone gives me warm, fuzzy feelings.

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