Mkhitaryan signs and immediately Arsenal are a better team

By Matt Brown
In Arsenal
Jan 22nd, 2018

A lack of creativity is not something you would usually associate with Arsenal but since the club lost Santi Cazorla to long-term injury the team has looked bereft of ideas and the quality of football has suffered. Losing Alexis would be a blow to any club but in return for the Chilean Manchester United have sent us Henrikh Mkhitaryan, a gifted and supremely creative player. His time at Manchester United could easily fool the average punter into believing United have got the better end of the deal but once they see what Mkhitaryan brings to the club they may well change their minds.

The news of Mkhitaryan’s signing for Arsenal came through on my notifications as I was perusing to find the online casino with the highest payouts and it felt like Arsenal had already won the jackpot. Sure, Alexis is a fine player and he has provided us with some sensational memories but he is the sort of player that demands everything go through him which has limited our football a bit in recent years – Mkhitaryan will help us become expressive once more.

In the summer we splashed £50m on Lacazette and are rumoured to be about to drop the same on Aubameyang according to These are fast, deadly strikers who need creative players who are comfortable on the ball and passing at high speed on nothing but instinct. In Mkhitaryan and Özil they’ll have two of the best and that will make Arsenal a much hard beast to contain.

With Alexis the main goal threat at Arsenal we became a little predictable and it was only his sheer bloody-mindedness and talent that often saw him edge us in front but when stifled so were the rest of the team. It’ll be almost impossible to stifle Özil and Mkhitaryan as well as keep Lacazette and Aubameyang quiet. We may have lost our top scorer but our goal threat has increased exponentially.

It’s true that Mkhitaryan struggled to establish himself at United but that is more to do with Jose Mourinho and his expectations of his players than it is Henrikh’s talent. Arsenal tried to sign the Armenian star from Dortmund but were beaten by United so Wenger will be pleased to finally have his man even if he came at such great cost.

A quick glance at his time with Borussia Dortmund will tell you precisely why our long-standing manager was so keen to sign him and what we can hope to expect. In his three seasons with the German club he played a total of 6,953 minutes in the Bundesliga totting up 23 goals and 29 assists – a goal impact every 133.7 minutes – impressive stuff! His second season was a average, scoring three and assisting four, which negatively impacted his stats –  a fact that makes his stats seem even more impressive. What was the reason for the dip in form? Quality of team-mate. In his first and third season at Dortmund he played a lot more with Reus than he did in his second season.

Mkhitaryan thrives on playing with players who have pace to burn and can run into space. He’ll get that at Arsenal. It’s shame that Theo Walcott has gone to Everton as he fits that description perfectly but Henrikh won’t be short of similar players in Welbeck, Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang if he joins. Özil and Mkhitaryan will complement each other as whichever one is targeted for marking will draw the attention away from the other who then drifts around the pitch, exploiting gaps for laser accurate passes for our strikers to run on to.

With speed and width our German and Armenian playmakers will have a field day. Arsenal are already a better team now we’ve replaced Alexis with Mkhitaryan. If Aubameyang joins too I wouldn’t be surprised if we eked ahead of United in the league come the end of the season.

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6 Responses to “Mkhitaryan signs and immediately Arsenal are a better team”

  1. Philbet says:

    Loving the positivity. please find more. we are in the game to be enthused and excited not to be told week in week out that we’re crap!!! (not referring to the auther at all).
    Attack the Arsenal, attack me !!!!!

  2. Lixia says:

    Re: title, who the fuck are you kidding….lose a world class player to be replaced by a not so world class one and we r better?

    And for who argues Alexis didn’t want to play for us then it’s not his fault we are mediocre. It’s AKB and the owner who makes Mike Ashley in Newcastle look like hes Buddha personified

    • Daniel Cowan says:

      Arsenal’s problem currently is they aren’t getting the ball in dangerous areas enough. We have a top class striker and he’s being starved of service. Mkhitaryan will make it hard for teams to stop our passing game and our strikers will score more goals. Overall we’ll be a better team. Yes, we have lost a world class player but that doesn’t mean we’ve gone backwards. We moved forward after losing Van Persie for the same reasons.

  3. Me says:

    We lose a world class player and we are a better team?
    By bringing in a donkey?
    Arsenal have proven once again what everyone except the author of this article knows that they are nothing but s selling club – a springboard for the real big clubs.
    As Wenger is a useless, washed up, senile old fossil who should have left a century ago.

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