Would you like a little bit more Suarez?

By BackoTheDoc
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Aug 8th, 2013

Today I welcome Jeremy Docteur, better known as , as a guest blogger to North London Is Red. Jeremy is a Franco-Australian Arsenal supporter living in Paris with a keen interest in tactics, statistics and analysis regarding the Premier League. Jeremy didn’t say hi to me at the Emirates Cup last weekend but I have forgiven him and am delighted to have him on NLIR. Take it away Jeremy…..

I was told that my first trip to the Emirates was surely going to be the best and would convey a special feeling. This weekend, after experiencing Arsenal’s terrible box office organization – and I really think all the mess which I came across is a burden for the club, everything looks so unorganized and muddled – where I was like “Am I going to see Arsenal or a French D6 club?” I accomplished something great. I realised one of my main football dreams. I entered the Emirates and wow, I felt just like a 10 year old kid.

Though Porto and Galatasaray were on the pitch, it still seemed insane. My first thought was “Jeez, it’s going to be something else when it’s Arsenal’s turn”. The first game v Napoli was very entertaining with plenty of chances for the Gunners which was good because I truly think the Italians have a very decent team. Sunday’s game, however, was another story. A couple of common issues to Arsenal came out again in my post-match report. And boy oh boy, same old Drogba.

Emirates Stadium vs Napoli

Emirates Stadium vs Napoli

However, it was a terrific experience. Despite the weather in London, which was a bit frisky (it was not hot!), and people telling me my English accent resembled more to a British one rather than an Aussie one, I enjoyed every single moment of it. Oh yes, better not mention you are French, you chaps tend to act weirdly afterwards.

By the way, did any of you guys see Vermaelen after our defeat on Sunday? He literally flew out the media section down near the Armoury in Finsbury Park station’s direction.

But today’s column is not supposed to deal with the Emirates Cup. I could mention a couple of corrections Arsenal urgently have to make but today’s blog won’t deal with this aspect. I was allowed to talk about Luis Suarez and I’d like to express my thoughts on all this fuss. About a minute after I arrived back home I saw Twitter’s agitation regarding his interview. At first I didn’t really understand what was going on but I quickly came across the Telegraph’s cover as well as the Uruguayan’s interview on the Guardian’s website.

On one hand I believe it is great news for us, but on the other hand I try to keep in mind he is not an Arsenal player YET. I remain suspicious of all this: Suarez used the English press just the way he wanted. He had a plan and brought us exactly when he was hoping (not sure what this sentence means). Thanks to his interview, he indirectly handed a transfer request to Liverpool.

Besides, in the interview he hints a move to Arsenal but never clearly mentions us. He doesn’t implicitly confirm his desire to move to London and play for Arsenal. Nonetheless, he wants to play the Champions League and we have qualified for 15 years in a row now. It’s fine for the moment as we are the only club willing to purchase him, but I am truly convinced that if either Chelsea, Man City or Real Madrid were to splash £50M on him, he’d choose one of those options. Reality is hard to face but trophyless teams are forced to see their attraction diminish.

Suarez doesn’t consider passion whilst practising his job. The way the situation is going, it all reminds us of a certain Robin van Persie. At the time we yelled, ranted, screamed to hell saying it was a huge lack of respect. Do you remember yourself saying “You’d be nothing without Arsène and the club!”. I do.

Well Liverpool have exactly the same reaction. The fact is, at the time, all the other fans including the latter were making fun of us. Yeah I know, that club which hasn’t won a trophy since 8 years is now giving its best players away. Tonight, I feel sorry for LFC fans. I recall ourselves feeling terribly disgusted by RVP’s behavior.

Suarez stated everything in an interview; RVP stated his desire to leave on his website. In both cases the words both players have chosen are quite strong and can easily affect the club, the staff and more importantly the fans.


Can you hear the sympathy from the Arsenal fans?

On the other hand, I smiled when I read tonight’s reactions. Suarez’s ex fans are insulting him. To abuse is mainstream. They are all deeply affected. Who could blame them? They are going to lose their best player and he will leave the club as a thief.

The present scenario reminds me of last summer’s. The reaction from Liverpool fans reminds me of the reaction from Arsenal fans. At the time I thought RVP acted like a … you know, that c word. He owed Arsenal much more respect. Overall we all were disgusted. Van Persie went from hero to zero.

This time I don’t feel the events the same way. Of course, I’m not in the state of mind where I’d laugh at Liverpool because Arsenal has endured all that too often. I think I don’t internalize the situation the same way therefore I really hope Suarez will become (one of) Arsenal’s next signing. Football is changing and though we still think passion and devotion towards the players’ club still exists, I doubt it still has to be a priority in the choice of the players (if it ever was) – everything is changing or at least evolving quite a lot.

Nevertheless, Suarez is a superb player and therefore, would be the top signing we all have been waiting for a few years now. In spite of Suarez’s behavior at times, he remains one the best strikers in the world. He was absolutely outstanding last year for Liverpool.

If Suarez were to sign for Arsenal, he probably wouldn’t give a shit about the club’s history or stuff like that. He’d just take the money and try to score as many goals as possible. My point is, can we ask for more? I mean, if he scores 30 goals would we really complain? It’s always a bonus when a player loves the club and its fans, but you can’t transform the player’s mentality.

If we sign Suarez, our squad’s strength would increase but all our pressing needs won’t be met. We have other needs. A goalkeeper, a center back and a defensive midfielder would still be needed to efficiently top-up the squad in my view. As good as Suarez is, he won’t transform the entire squad. We have many other flaws which cannot be fixed with the acquisition of a striker alone.

In Wenger we trust, don’t we?

Enough palavers for now, back to my life in Paris, see you soon guys!

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Great post Jeremy and I certainly feel the part about Liverpool fans. I understand their pain but sadly I don’t feel sorry for them. I’ve become too scarred over the past 8 years to feel any empathy for clubs we raid as we have been raided before.

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4 Responses to “Would you like a little bit more Suarez?”

  1. Epicurean says:

    Very thoughtful article…my concern is that if we don’t get Suarez…will Gundogen want to come? We have alot to offer…we play nice football…our manager, whatever some think, is respected for his approach across the world and by many many managers and chairmen, we have the gap for a striker…our fans are realistic and supportive. No body wants to help Arsenal we can be a threat but not if we end up looking toothless 😀

  2. RoyK says:

    While your comments are valid, you missed out one lil but imp detail….. RVP’s contract was expiring, Suarez’s isn’t. Your hand was forced, ours isn’t…at least not till now. RVP didn’t bring disgrace to your club while at Arsenal, Suarez did, and we did whatever we could to defend him, cos we thought he was one of our own.

    So if he goes to you, and gets you goals, fair enough… But remember, you will have inherited a snake, who will hypnotising you with his mesmeric skills, will bite you in the arse (no pun intended!)

  3. Jeremy says:

    Cheers guys.
    I feel Suarez is the signing we need to say “listen guys, we have cash and do spend it on important top players”. It surely would set Arsenal as a more attractive club for players (Cesc? Gundogan?).

    @RoyK: I get your point and appreciate the fact we can exchange without abusing each other like it has been the case on Twitter for example.

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