What Gunners Could Win The World Cup?

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May 28th, 2014

The domestic season is well and truly over now and all attention turns to the World Cup. I love the World Cup for many reasons but as I’ve said many times on this blog, I’m not a huge fan of international football. The club season needs a break and every other year I have no football to watch at all from June to August, thankfully this isn’t one of those years.

The World Cup, for me, is always fascinating to watch as it is a chance to see players I hear about but don’t get to see outside of highlights or online clips and I can play “scout” as a I watch current and future Arsenal players take to the field.

This summer I don’t expect to be watching too many “future” Arsenal players but might be treated to an extended period of watching current Arsenal players in the hunt for the most prestigious trophy on the planet.

As usual, I don’t expect to be watching England for too long and with Wilshere, England’s new number 7, and Oxlade-Chamberlain struggling for fitness I don’t have much reason to watch them. However, Germany have a host of Arsenal talent and are expected to be the European team most likely to prosper in the Brazilian heat so they’ll probably be the team I watch the most.

It is hard to predict how well certain teams will do as there is so much to consider but imagine if you could take all the available data into consideration and make informed predictions? That would be next season’s season ticket paid for. Well, you don’t have to do that because it has already been done for you!

Move aside Paul the Octopus – World Cup Predictions just met a new maker. Germany is going to be this year’s World Cup winner according to data collated and analysed by Ladbrokes and that works for me because I would love to welcome back three World Cup winners to Arsenal.

The data has been transformed into a tool which allows users to pit any two teams that have qualified for this year’s World Cup against each other to compare results in all previous meetings and even predict the score when the teams face each other this year. The tool can be viewed at http://www.ladbrokes.com/world-cup-2014-head-to-head-game/.

Using this data Ladbrokes has predicted how each game will play out throughout the whole tournament, with Germany set to emerge victorious after a 1-1 draw with Argentina ends in penalties in the final. Hopefully Özil scores his….

The data also predicts that, contrary to popular opinion, England will make it out of the group stages and will make it to the Quarter Finals only to then be defeated by Spain on penalties after a 1-1 draw. Maybe I will watch England a bit more after all.

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