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By Miles Wickford
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Apr 7th, 2017

Free bet promotions on Arsenal and other televised games are great for giving another chance to win a few pounds but isn’t it mostly the case that your money still ends up in the bookmaker’s wallet?

Ironically, there is a very popular way to make money online using matched betting which takes advantage of free bet offers to guarantee a profit. While the betting operators are trying to tempt ‘mug punters’ to their websites with free bets and bonuses, smarter punters are using the same promotions to remove the gambling element from betting.

Matched betting is a clever method which involves using betting exchanges to bet on a selection not to win. Signing up for a welcome offer, a new customer can place a bet with their own money and back the same selection not to win by making a ‘lay’ bet on a betting exchange. This allows users of online betting sites to earn a free bet for nothing, or next to nothing.

Customers don’t pay the stake money when using a free bet so by staking a lower amount than the free bet value on the betting exchange, a profit can be guaranteed. A matched betting calculator applies the maths for a staking plan to give an equal profit from the free bet, regardless if it wins or loses.

The key to making a profit from free bet promotions is to find betting opportunities with similar odds on the bookmaker’s website and betting exchange. It can be arduous work searching through the thousands of betting markets to find a suitable close match but there are tools that will do the hard work and present a list of the best bets to use.

Matched betting websites provide odds matching software which compares the odds available on betting sites and recommends the best matches. They also aggregate the offers to give members a convenient list from which to work their way through more than 50 welcome bonuses. It adds up to a lot of free money, about £1000 in total, and with matched betting strategies for various existing customer offers, people are earning a modest monthly income from matched betting.

It only requires a few hours effort each week to make around £500 profit. Students and stay at home parents have latched onto matched betting as a way to boost their income although it’s suitable for anyone over the age of 18 with some spare time on their hands. For football fans, it’s great way to pay for season tickets and to finance away days not to mention the savings from speculative and largely unsuccessful weekly match predictions.

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