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By Daniel Cowan
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Feb 26th, 2016

Over the last 20 years The Arsenal has become recognised as a destination for footballers who are true lovers of the game with many signings citing our philosophy, and of course the man behind it, as a deciding factor in making their switch to The Home Of Football. The moments of brilliance, relief, sensation, history, euphoria and ethereal inspiration we have been gifted over the years are but stitches in a never ending tapestry – brush strokes on an ever expanding canvas – that is the art of football.

“I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art.  If you are living like an animal, what is the point of living? What makes daily life interesting is that we try to transform it to something that is close to art. And football is like that.” Wenger

Great footballers are like artists and Arsène Wenger, the conductor of a symphony of synchronised artistry, has introduced the world, and especially Arsenal supporters, to many sensational artists. However, one of Arsenal’s greatest ever servants and arguably one of the most intelligent and talented footballers of all time, Dennis Bergkamp, was not a Wenger signing at all.  It can be argued that Wenger’s philosophy allowed him to express himself to the fullest or at least his style of football and the players he brought to the club better complemented the one we recognise as God.

Capturing  moments of glory and brilliance from our favourite players and transferring them to memorabilia and paraphernalia is not a new concept as thousands of posters, videos, DVDs, t-shirts, screensavers and mobile phone covers will attest, yet quality is usually an issue. Few unaffiliated companies offer anything near the quality I would expect for the prices they charge so I tend to stick with purchasing from the club shop.

However, there is one exception and that is Art Of Football. I now own three items of clothing from their wonderful range and my most recent sartorial addition is from their ‘The Artists’ range – a smart white tee featuring Dennis Bergkamp.

What I love most about their items – and why I am unabashedly plugging them now – is that aside from the evident quality their items have this ability to instantly transport me back to the moment immortalised across my chest whenever I glimpse my reflection.

The quality of the products is insanely good value for money too. These are high quality products with cutting edge prints. The colours haven’t faded after a few washes like inferior products shamelessly flogged on social media and the print has not cracked either.

Every time I order something from them I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly it comes and always delighted at the quality of the presentation. The lovingly hand-packaged wrapping and box is equally impressive as what it contains. Their standard level of delivery presentation is as good as any professional gift-wrapping service I have lazily employed in the past. Christmas is a long way off but I already know where I will shop for the Gooners closet to my heart.

My only bugbear is that they aren’t exclusive to Arsenal – it’s been a while since we had nice things all to ourselves.

Grab yourself a rare item to cherish at

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