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By Daniel Cowan
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Apr 3rd, 2015

Over the last 18 years under Arsène Wenger Arsenal fans have been treated to some of the most attractive football in Europe. Wenger’s style of play has not always yielded the results all fans crave but we have, in the main, witnessed the development and continuation of aesthetically pleasing football that is lauded throughout the game.

The Arsenal is now recognised as a destination for footballers who are true lovers of the game with many signings citing our philosophy, and of course the man behind it, as a deciding factor in making their switch to The Home Of Football.

henry kneeslide arsenal shirt art of football

The moments of brilliance, relief, sensation, history, euphoria and ethereal inspiration we have been gifted over the years are but stitches in a never ending tapestry – brush strokes on an ever expanding canvas – that is the art of football.

“I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art.  If you are living like an animal, what is the point of living? What makes daily life interesting is that we try to transform it to something that is close to art. And football is like that.” Wenger

Football truly is the art of the people. It is accessible to all and appreciated by many. The jaw dropping effect of the first Cruyff turn, any Messi goal picked at random, Henry’s goal against [insert opponent here], Bergkamp’s flick and turn at Newcastle, his immortalised-in-bronze pick from the air, his goal against Leicester, his goal against Argentina, Wilshere’s goal against Norwich, Thomas’ ’89 Anfield goal, Charlie George’s FA Cup celebration, Ramsey’s extra time FA Cup winning goal, Lehmann’s penalty save, Seaman’s unreal save against Sheffield United. These are all examples of pure artistry.

Capturing these moments of glory and brilliance is not a new concept as thousands of posters, videos, DVDs (ahem), t-shirts, screensavers and mobile phone covers will attest, yet few match the quality and “moment-in-time-ness” (I might copyright that) of the products at

invincibles arsenal bergkamp henry art of football

I recently purchased two pieces from them and I can hand on heart say they are now two of my most prized items of clothing.

Football is simultaneously one of the most exhilarating and disappointing things in my life and it is because of this I believe what I feel for Arsenal is as close to the feeling of love as I could possibly get.

Nothing quite gives me that short moment of spiritual euphoria as seeing Arsenal score a goal or win an important game. And reliving the moments be it on YouTube or reading old programmes brings almost as much joy.

My new threads from Art Of Football have captured some of those moments and brought them to life in a new, expressive and unique way.

In my wardrobe I now have a hoody featuring the famous embrace of two of our greatest Invincibles and a tee displaying THAT Henry goal against Manchester United.

What I love most about these items aside from their evident quality is how every time I have glimpsed my reflection whilst wearing them they have transported me to the place where that memory is held bringing an instant smile to my face.

The quality of the products is insanely good value for money too. I’ve been suckered into buying t-shirts in the past because of a catchy slogan or  fun image – sometimes Arsenal related or one of my other geeky hobbies – and often I’ve regretted it as a few washes have made my new favourite t-shirt look like it’s been picked off the floor in Primark after a 50% off sale stampede of bargain hunting teenagers covered in Nando’s grease, Lynx and Fragrance Shop tester sticks.

These aren’t just some cheap and tacky prints on Fruit Of The Loom budget t-shirts. These are high quality products with cutting edge prints. The colours haven’t faded after a few washes like inferior products and the print has not cracked either.

Invincibles NLIR Advert

I would be more than happy to purchase more tees and hoodies from their wonderful selection of club and international moments.

If I had one criticism to make of the quality of product it would be that my red hoody looks a bit orange but as it has Dennis Bergkamp on it I really don’t care! Although props must be given to how quickly they responded to my feedback on the top colour and now they have changed their entire product range to “Arsenal red”.

Grab yourself a rare item to cherish at

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