Sutton United Midfielder Nicky Bailey has ‘never eaten a vegetable’ and will have nine Chicken McNuggets before Arsenal match

By Edward V
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Mar 4th, 2017

Nick Bailey, the midfielder who plays for Sutton, believes that he has a secret up his sleeve to help him perform to the best of his abilities. You may be thinking that anabolic steroids in big sport is what we’re talking about here, but it’s something very unusual instead.

It’s simply a McDonald’s meal…

The Sutton United player has come out in recent statements and discussed how he has been eating a total of nine chicken nuggets before every single game. He claims that it has improved the way he can perform on the pitch and that he has been doing it for a number of years now.

He pretty much sees it as a ritual before getting onto the field. Nick Bailey also went on to talk about how he has never eaten a salad or a vegetable in his entire life. When he was younger, his mother would try to make him eat them, but even early on in his life, he knew he couldn’t stomach them.

You’d think that the diet of a professional football player would be full of healthy foods as fuel for the games. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind approach that most football players would rather stay away from.

All these comments about the way Nick Bailey eats prior to matches came out after Sutton United discovered they were going to be playing against Arsenal. The statements were something that the Sutton midfielder was making in an attempt to try and unnerve the Arsenal team.

In Arsenal’s preceding game, they had lost by an embarrassing measure with the opposing side (Bayern Munich), winning 5-1. Arsenal’s manager (Arsene Wenger) knew that he needed to beat the Sutton side because in comparison, they’re not a team who should stand any chance of winning.

However, Arsene Wenger was concerned about the morale of his men and knew that being defeated by Sutton was a real possibility – they were at their lowest. This was why the comments regarding Nick Bailey’s pre-match meals caught the attention of the media and the public eye so much.

He was taunting Arsenal because he knew that it was Sutton United’s biggest game ever, as well as the fact that beating their opponents would be one of the most shocking events in football. The quality of Arsene Wenger’s team is superior, but they could’ve been caught out at their weakest moment.

Nick Bailey made further remarks, saying, “I will be looking to leave my mark on someone”. He was essentially saying that he’ll be trying to take down anyone who gets in his way, provided that it’s done so fairly and within the rules of the game.

Despite all of the claims made by the Sutton player, Arsenal ended up coming out on top by winning 2-0. Arsene Wenger and his team can use the win as positive momentum to carry them through to future games this season.

It doesn’t look like Nick’s diet of chicken nuggets worked in this case, but we doubt he’s going to stop eating them before forthcoming matches.

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