Should Arsenal be making preparations to replace Cech?

By Daniel Cowan
In Arsenal
Mar 2nd, 2017

Petr Cech is one of the top goalkeepers to have played in the Premier League. He’s been an outstanding performer in the league for the past 13 years both for Arsenal and Chelsea. His move from Stamford Bridge to the Emirates was met with jubilation on most parts at Arsenal as many felt the Gunners had lacked a top class goalkeeper since the departure of Jens Lehmann.

However, in recent months some Arsenal supporters have expressed concern with Cech’s performances, believing them to have dropped in quality. Arsenal players are expected to perform at an elite level in every single game, and whilst it’s not unusual to have mishaps some are wondering if Cech’s best years are behind him.

The once renowned and formidable goalkeeper has made a number of avoidable mistakes, including watching some rather simple saves sail past him into the net in a vital clash with title rivals Chelsea. Gunners’ fans are not entirely convinced by David Ospina yet the manager has persisted with him in the Champions League leading to some speculation that Cech hasn’t got the manager completely convinced either.

Petr’s age is not particularly against him as keepers tend to last a little longer than outfield players but considering his early start he may have run his natural course. Already the rumours are rife that Arsenal are on the lookout for a new No.:1, have the best sport offers websites to follow the latest news on a replacement and more.

With multiple errors under his belt, a lack of playing time in the Champions League and continued scouting of other goalkeepers the writing seemed to be on the wall for Cech’s short affair with Arsenal and the experienced stopper was expected to leave in the summer. However, Cech’s agent has come out to bury those rumours and rumblings.

Cech’s contract with Arsenal will not expire until the end of the 2018/19 season and far from suggesting Cech would see out that contract at least his agent, Viktor Kolar, asserted that Cech could even extend his Arsenal journey.

Petr Cech has been, and is, an incredibly talented goalkeeper and his experience is not easily bought nor replaced. Much is made of his inability to save any of the eight penalties he has faced this season or the fact he failed to keep a clean sheet for eight consecutive games but perhaps that is just unfair proportioning of the blame for a run of bad performances from the majority of the team.

Should Arsenal look to phase Cech out or completely replace him then there are many options to consider. The Premier League has a plethora of excellent goalkeepers plying their trade at clubs who would be grateful of the money Arsenal could stump up. However, perhaps the best option for Arsenal is to consider bringing back Wojciech Szczesny, currently on loan at Roma, to reclaim the keeper’s jersey.

The Pole has been criticised in the past for being overconfident to a fault but his time in Serie A seems to have tempered his cocky mentality and enhanced his copious natural ability. For the time being however, Cech is still the first choice at Arsenal and whilst he is not the keeper he was during his heyday he is still one of the world’s best goalies.

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