Sanchez and Martinez to sign this summer?

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Jul 8th, 2014

Reports have suggested that Arsenal could soon be signing Chilean winger Alexis Sanchez.

While Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is renowned for not making frivolous purchases, it has now been alleged that the 25-year-old has been offered £20 million to sign for the team.

Wenger – Double Swoop?

Signing Sanchez could be a fantastic move for Wenger thanks to Sanchez’s versatility: he could play anywhere across the forward-line. Meanwhile, he could soon see himself being replaced by Luis Suarez, if the latest transfer rumours are anything to go by.

Another player who is alleged to be joining the Gunners is Jackson Martinez, the 27-year-old Porto striker who is set to light up the future of the Arsenal team. Martinez has made no secret of his admiration for the team, and the Colombian centre forward has expressed his desire to join Arsene Wenger’s boys.

In light of this, the rumour mill is now spinning out figures of £35 million as a release-clause, a far higher fee than Sanchez – but with Wenger’s historic unwillingness to make big payments, could these be anything more than just rumours? A certain Mesut Özil might have something to say about that.

Many Premier League teams have already made huge deals in the run up to next season while Arsenal have maintained their reputation of remaining cautious but deals need to be done if they want to gain ground on the leaders next season.

While the team have the FA Cup win in their favour – their first trophy in nine years – and after finishing fourth in the Premier League, the team would do well to sign some fresh meat. At present, Wenger is relying too heavily on Olivier Giroud as his only recognised centre forward, while Yaya Sanogo is still too inexperienced to show any real flair in the next season.

While leading bookmakers such as Betsafe have pitched Arsenal to win the Premier League with odds of 9/1, Wenger will have to look to the success of Manchester City and Liverpool if he is to have any chance of meeting those odds.

If he wants to hold on to his wallet and progress, he would do well to sign Sanchez alone. The plucky player is one of the most energetic and dynamic players on offer this summer, while Martinez is more of a ‘target man’ who may not be worth the £15 million difference in price.

If Arsenal want to go far, Wenger’s current targets are exactly the sort of players to take them there.

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