Why Ramsey Is My Player Of The Season

By EducatedGooner
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Apr 23rd, 2013

Today I welcome a man who blogs for NLIR almost as much as I do. I’m delighted to have him and you’re going to love his writing, put your proverbial hands together for Mr Billy Dunmore (@EducatedGooner)  Take it away Billy…..

The subject of Aaron Ramsey has been blogged to death this year, but I felt unashamedly compelled to justify why I think that the young Welshman deserves the title of Arsenal’s player of the season. I expect many will disagree, many may even disregard this view, but I hope that some readers will appreciate where I’m coming from, whether they end up agreeing or not…

Firstly, I’d like to state that within the constraints of conventional parameters with which we measure how well a player has performed throughout the season, I understand why most fans will most likely opt to choose a player such as Santi Cazorla. I won’t attempt to argue against Santi as the probable popular choice for our player of the season, but rather I will put forward the reasons why Ramsey will almost definitely be my choice. At the end of the day, the way you judge my opinion is up to you, but I respectfully ask that you read on with an open mind and don’t assume that I am blind to the achievements and performances of other players in the squad, because I’m not.

Aaron Ramsey had what I would call an indifferent start to the season as he was thrown in at the deep end; made to play positions which neither he or we (fans) would expect him to play. I simply can’t deny that at times Aaron looked nervous and hesitant on the ball, thus making mistakes which alone would have done his confidence no good. Furthermore, a large proportion of the Arsenal fan base began to single out Ramsey and, in some cases, relentlessly abuse the player. Now, I’m not saying that players shouldn’t be criticised, but to use him as a scapegoat for what seemed most things that went wrong was, in my opinion, unjustifiable and ultimately detrimental to Aaron’s confidence. This was so blatant and widespread that it even led to the comical ‘Blame Ramsey’ hashtag on Twitter (which I understand is predominantly used for a laugh!). However, players are not blind to the views of the fans, especially in these days where social media sites reign supreme.

Player Of The Year?

Player Of The Year?

I don’t want to waffle on about how rough the past few years have been for Aaron, but it’s important that I briefly point out a couple more things.

Firstly, he has come back from what could have been a career-ending injury that he suffered at the age of 19. For any professional football player, recovering from such an injury and returning to the level they were at before requires more than just a team of physiotherapists and family backing (even though they are obviously essential). It requires a certain level patience, determination and belief from the player themselves. For some younger players, this mental side of the recovery can prove challenging, but Aaron clearly displayed that he has such attributes in his locker. Incidentally, these attributes are also the ones that probably helped him stay mentally strong during the period of negativity earlier in the season. I, and I’m sure many others, admire him for that.

Secondly, the death of Gary Speed (may he rest in peace), a man who was so influential on Ramsey, not just as a player but also as a man, would have hit him hard. The trust and confidence that Gary put into Aaron by awarding him the Welsh national team captaincy at just 21 years old, would have created an emotional bond between the two. Thus, I assume that Gary’s death was shockingly painful and sad for Aaron to take.

Despite these setbacks, Ramsey came into this season with the intention of improving and succeeding no matter what we or anyone could throw at him. I would call the first few months of this season a learning curve for Aaron. Whichever position he has played in, he has put in 100% and even though he may have struggled in some matches, he has become a better player as a result. From Right Wing to Right Back and everywhere in midfield, Aaron has become a jack of all trades and is often referred to our utility player. So how can a utility player be player of the season? Well, in my opinion, utility players are underrated in terms of importance to a team and more often than not, title winning sides will have one or two. In that respect, Ramsey has been and still is crucial to our squad this season (and seasons to come).

At the beginning of the season I was moving all over the pitch, playing left-wing, right-wing, right back. I was asked to do a job in many positions, which I’m happy to do for the team. If the manager wants me to play there, I’m not going to say no.

Aaron Ramsey

However, it is often said that one may be a jack of all trades, but a master of none. Is this true for Ramsey? I don’t believe so. He may not, by definition, have ‘mastered’ one particular role as yet, but I think he is well on his way to doing so. His time playing in other positions has taught him skills he wouldn’t have had otherwise, as a result he has become a more rounded player. This has played into his hands when he occupies the central midfield role which he appears to thrive in.

But I’ve got my place back in the middle and I’m happy with that. My performances have shown what I’m capable of doing in the middle.

Aaron Ramsey

His performances in the midfield have not simply been tireless ‘throw yourself about’ performances (a la Scott Parker), as some suggest. He is a very intelligent player and reads the game well, thus he is able to know when to press, put challenges in, and drop and cover in behind his midfield colleagues. These qualities have been essential to Arsenal this season, especially with Arteta needing assistance and the lack of a true CDM. Yes, this is not the ideal situation, even in my eyes, but I don’t think out can be denied that it has worked and brought balance to the midfield that we have craved for large chunks of this season. For that reason alone, Ramsey has been a blessing in terms of helping the team stabilise an area which is so essential to both attack and defence.

Brings so much to the team

Brings so much to the team

Even though I believe that Ramsey combines passionate hunger and intelligence very well,  it’s that passion and desire that has impressed me the most. As some of you will know, I’m a big fan of passion and the emotional side of football in general. I accept statistics are a good indicator as to how well a player does in certain areas, but they simply don’t tell the whole story for me. There are players that are statistically perfect, yet have little impact on a game and there are some players that will have a huge impact, but lack the impressive stats. Ramsey, I believe, is the latter. I’d rather have a Ramsey that will fight with everything he’s got until the very end than a player that is statistically good. Maybe that explains why I’m writing this article. Maybe THAT makes me foolish in some people’s eyes, but it’s something I retain as a valued part of why I love football.

So, ultimately there are a number of reasons why Ramsey is my player of the season. His ability to adapt to various positions, his willingness to play wherever he’s told, his passion and hunger on the pitch, his positivity and level-headedness off it, his intelligence, his ‘mental strength’ that has enabled him to bounce back from difficulties (both injury-related and emotional) and most of all his undying, selfless desire to both contribute to and succeed with The Arsenal. In my opinion, that deserves a hell of a lot more recognition.

Thanks Billy. A great post and I couldn’t agree more although we could have chosen a better day to talk about a Welshman ;). I’ve been a big supporter of Ramsey since, well pretty much forever and am glad he is finally finding his way back to his pre-Shawcross promise. Thanks for reading guys and helping me support my fellow Gooner bloggers. Please do leave your comments and don’t forget to click that follow button and check out the official NLIR Facebook page http://facebook.com/northlondonisredblog for news, views, freebies and more.

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63 Responses to “Why Ramsey Is My Player Of The Season”

  1. Jack Spindle says:

    Are you watching the same player. Ramsey’s season was summed up by his last 20 minutes at Fulham, positionally inept, numerous fouls, simple chance missed without hitting the target, not tracking back, endless passing sideways, half the passes forcing his own players out of position. We need an upgrade. Either and attacking midfielder or a defensive midfielder. In summary, can’t pass, can’t tackle, can’t shot, positionally retarded. He is not good enough to wear the Arsenal shirt.

    • pedantic george says:

      For me Aaron >(that means greater than)Cleverley,Henderson,Parker,Milner and Ramires(hes marginal)So how can he not be good enough for us?
      On top of that ,he is clearly a very good player who all but the intensely stupid would see.

    • alabamagooner says:

      You tell em, George. I am so tired of people who just keep on spouting the same Piers Morgan bullshit, without once really watching Aaron play, and giving him the credit he is so due. I don’t think it’s any coincidence, though, that most of those type comments read as though they were written by the functionally illiterate. You do have to have some intelligence to appreciate what Aaron, alongside Arteta, is now bringing to the team. Although, any idiot really should be able to appreciate some of the killer passes and assists he’s made lately. Does he have room to improve? Sure, he’s 22 for godsake. Even Saint Jack has room to improve.

      So go on, Rambo. You just keep doing what you’re doing. To hell with all the idiots. You are a remarkable young man, full of grit and character, and Arsenal are lucky to have you.

    • Appreciate your view, as I would anyones, but I can’t fathom how you seem to think he is inept in every area of the game. Simply sounds as if you don’t like the bloke and will bash him until your satisfied.

      Thanks for reading, regardless.

    • Sam says:

      haha you’re having a laugh, his tackling has been unbelievable second half of this season, take your blinkers off mate

    • Odbam says:

      In summary, he can’t pass, can’t tackle, can’t shot, positionally retarded. He is not good enough to wear the Arsenal shirt.

      no…. he is not good enough to play for any team in d EPL…. what does Gary speed death comes to do with Ramsey Perfomance… He is not d only player I know who has been injured or broken a bone… Jack went out for about 14 months or more last season and returned with same potential we knew him with, Diaby legs are gone but you still admire his talent while it last… In truth Ramsey is rubbish and he is d reason we will never win a trophy if he continues to play.. He is too dull to even be a footballer. you say d first few weeks were learning curve, what about last season???? I hope we can get Diame for free and Ramsey or Rambo or watever he is can take his supposed spot on d bench everyweek, may be he can learn from better players and his foolish fans will always love to see him improve… Never for me and I can bet with any one here

    • Vishal says:

      Do you even watch Arsenal play? What are you on man????? Its shameful you call yourself an ARsenal fan.

  2. babasola tokoya says:

    i agree with you totally and absolutely

  3. soji says:

    Pls stop talking abt Ramsy, he is just an ordinary player. No goal sense, no accurate passes, not a skillful player, soooooooo think he should concentrate on playin his old sport RUGBY. He suppose not to be putting on Arsenal shirt, he should be putting on the likes of Sunderland, West-ham, Swanse, Wigan, etc jersey.

  4. soji says:

    Ur Ramsy even miss a seaters against West abion & Fulham respectively, if it were to be Gevinho the whole world will be after him

    • It’s funny you say that. So what’s changed between the start of the season, when he was berated for every mistake, and now? Food for thought.

      Thanks for reading.

  5. steww says:

    Brilliant piec. A shame that the football illiterate bother to pollute your blog with their idiocy. We can all see how vital Aaron has become for the team and how right Arsene was and how wrong the morons (like those two up there) were to deride his selection.
    A very, very talented young man who I hope one day will lead us to the success we deserve.

  6. pedantic george says:


  7. Aaron Manda says:

    thanks for the article man, i agree with you hundred percent, i know Rambo will be the first name on the team sheet as soon as next season.

  8. real says:

    this clip sums it up….be the judge after watching http://adf.ly/L8PUd

  9. James says:

    Nice article. Ramsey is a very young player which people sometimes forget, he’s been through a lot in his career already, but has come out the other side with no complaints, and the perfect attitude. In my eyes he is a model footballer, someone to look up to for players and fans alike, and in my eyes someone -if he carries on in the same vein- who will become a natural leader for Arsenal, due to his never give up attitude and level head. Im very happy that he signed a new contract, he’s 22, he will make mistakes, but he will always rectify them, and grow as a player as a result. He is somebody I want as an ambassador to the club, and somebody I hugely admire as both a footballer and a person.

  10. Stuart Fraser says:

    The people who criticise Ramsay are the same type of people as those Manchester united fans who don’t see the value of Michael Carrick. The spectacular player is always valued above the effective player but the Ramsay’s and Carrick’s of this world enable the flair players like Cazorla to do their thing.

  11. Lord Lew says:

    Ramsey’s strength of character in over-coming the savagery of his leg-break is truly admirable – but it’s an achievement of a magnitude that hasn’t been matched by his performances on the pitch this season – even though he has been getting steadily better since Christmas. To be ranked as more than a willing but average squad player, he really needs to start scoring goals as an offensive midlfielder from outside and in the box. He’s made a mess of several great goal-scoring opportunities this season. He’s got the intelligence to see the opportunities – I’m still not convinced that his (broken) body can respond fast and skilffuly enough to the messages his brain is (no doubt) sending – in the way it seemed to before Shawcross smashed through him. I hope I’m wrong.

  12. Arif Kirana says:

    I agree with u. Aaron is my arsenal players of this season. I know, one day he will show something that would make us all say waaww..

  13. Nir says:

    well written Billy, Ramsey certainly deserve more respect from the fan. We shall build the team around Jakie and Aaron

  14. steve says:

    I don’t know why it would be had for anyone to see Aaron’s improvement if he is really an Arsenal fan. It’s so shameful that some people take long to understand. Thanks Stew.

  15. Dav says:

    Aaron has been a good footballer that i have always supported diaby has not that kinda injury that ramsey had yet he is inconsistent. eduardo never became a player he was after that injury but Ramsey has been showing signs of his former self. and to those complaning of chances he missed gervinho missed a clear chance after drillbling the goalkeeper giroud missed a glourios chance which was provided by ramsey sooooo.

  16. mr arsenal says:

    truly he was his best this season, and he deserv to be arsenals best player of this season
    but still he have to improve like scoring and long and short ball pasess
    and tis season he is the 2nd best player in our team

  17. Gunner95 says:

    Unfortunately I disagree. Regardless of your article Ramsey cannot be player of the season due to his horrendous 3/4 of a season. I admire his workrate, passion etc. But does that make up for the technical ability he lacks. You know being a Premier League footballer, an ARSENAL footballer, I don’t know how you guys don’t see how much he lacks. His dribbling is so stiff and dodgy, his passes aren’t incisive, too much lapse of concentration etc etc. And he has horrendous finishing. I’m sorry but for the long term I can’t see Ramsey as a starter for Arsenal FC. Something else I don’t like is the amount of sympathy he gets from loosing Welsh captaincy to Gary Speed death etc. They seem to be common points when people defend Ramsey. I wonder what they’ll say when he’s 27 and still average? And please don’t call be Ramsey hater or abuser. I just support my bloody team. When he played good recently I was happy for him but that performance vs Fulham nailed it. He simply is not consistent. All in all, Ramsey is neither a visually pleasing player to me or statistical one.

    • Cupsui says:

      I have to agree more or less with what Gunner95 has said except i differ over a few things.

      There is no way he was the player of the season. I would put (at least) 1. Carzorla 2. Arteta 3. Mertesacker 4. Walcott 5. Giroud 6. Whilshere – all ahead of Ramsey and if you want to judge players highly over the last month Kozzer would also be ahead as he has been back to his brilliant best.

      His first half of the season was poor. People say he was the scapegoat, but nonetheless he was poor. He was not positionally aware during this time and caught out a lot in defense, he wasn’t going in hard (sliding) into tackles and his passing was inconsistent and lacking creativity. I give his first half of the season 4.5/10

      Jan – Feb: He was seeing less time but making a bit of an impact when he was coming on, wenger seemed to be working on the parts of his game that needed it on the training ground and he was coming on and adding a fresh legs, pace and security late in games. 6/10

      Mar – Apr: This has been the best form since his leg break. His positioning is VASTLY improved, his passing has been much better albeit still lacking the creativity i would like to see from him from time to time and his tackling is also VASTLY improved. His movement off the ball has been 1st class (the best part of his game). This has also been the first time he is sliding into tackles since his leg break. He is starting to play very much like arteta (a slight problem for me as they are becoming a little too similar to play both at once…but not his fault). I thought he was average (along with the rest of the forwards and mids) against fulham, but one poor game will not mar his overall performance in this period.
      a slightly generous 8/10

      Even though he has clearly improved he still has major room for improvement. His finishing is TERRIBLE! he should have 5-10 goals this season however he has 1 goal in Europe. He needs to look for more creative passes and needs to continue to improve his defensive aggression so he can impose himself more on opposition midfielders…but its coming.

      Where i differ from Gunner95 is that technically i think he is good, and his confidence in dribbling with the ball is improving. And second i definitely think he can be a really good player. I see a big future for Rambo as long as he continues to improve the way he is. He has a great model to base his style of play from in Arteta. We need to hang onto him for sure.

      While he is improving i think its crazy to call him player of the season, lets hope with more improvements and consistent play he can be worthy of such next season!!

    • Daniel Cowan says:

      I think many are forgetting that the title is “Why Ramsey is MY player of the season”.

      It’s a entirely subjective matter and Billy feels that Ramsey is most deserving of his praise. You and others may well disagree but it’s important to remember that it’s a subjective matter.

    • Cupsui says:

      Yes Dan 100% true but does that mean nobody should write anything that contradicts his statement?

      Nobody should write a subjective rebuttal of their own?

      I see no point in writing that comment unless that is how you want your blog run Dan.

    • Daniel Cowan says:

      No mate that’s not what I am saying. I never said anyone shouldn’t contradict.

      Maybe you should read your own comment again and those of others because I wrote my comment in response to the context. You have all written your own opinion but have written in a way that suggests that Billy is claiming that Ramsey is the player of the season.

      You may think Ramsey is undeserving of that accolade from an official viewpoint but that is not what Billy suggested. Do you get where I am coming from?

      That is the reason for my comment. If you or others (I replied to your comment but that wasn’t to single you out it was just because when I replied it was the most recent) presented your opinion as “this is why Ramsey wouldn’t be my player of the season” then I wouldn’t have even responded but it didn’t come across that way.

      I didn’t say don’t reply and I don’t much appreciate what you are accusing me of. I only said remember it is a subjective topic.

    • Cupsui says:

      “If you or others (I replied to your comment but that wasn’t to single you out it was just because when I replied it was the most recent) presented your opinion as “this is why Ramsey wouldn’t be my player of the season” then I wouldn’t have even responded but it didn’t come across that way.”

      Thats exactly what i did…the only thing i may have left out was “IMHO”, but i would assume everyone knows what i write is my opinion. I gave my explanations as to why i think Ramsey is not player of the season. As i have said i think he is a good player and improving but he still has a ways to go to reach the top. If you want to reply why not reply to mine or other peoples beliefs as to why he isn’t.

      Sure people that come on and write “Ramsey is shit, he sucks, Arsenal are going nowhere with him” they leave nothing, contribute nothing and just waste time as they don’t put logical thought into it nor any constructive criticism. however, both Gunner95 and myself have stated why we don’t think he is and commented on his weaknesses, i even stated where i differ from Gunner95.

      I still 100% don’t understand why you wrote that first comment or continue to defend it. its a debate, a subjective debate. If you have a counter argument (or indeed billy) then pose it. If it sways my opinion then I’ll be the first to acknowledge that because that is how we learn and being a coach the tactical side of the game is very important for me and i love discussion and debate of tactics as it helps me learn and understand the game better.

    • Daniel Cowan says:

      Here’s why I wrote that comment: Because I felt that many people were making the mistake of believing that Billy was claiming that Ramsey is the player of the season.

      You did explain why Ramsey wasn’t your player of the season but it seemed to also be an argument for why Billy shouldn’t think Ramsey is his player of the season. You may not have intended that but that is how it came across and you aren’t the only one to have inferred such things.

      I wish I hadn’t chose your comment to respond to as you have taken it way too personally. Chill out, it wasn’t about you. It was about correcting what I thought was a misinterpretation of the blog. If I was wrong, I apologise but don’t harp on about it mate. It’s really not worth either of our time is it. 🙂

    • Cupsui says:

      Lol…taking it too personally

      “I didn’t say don’t reply and I don’t much appreciate what you are accusing me of. I only said remember it is a subjective topic.”

      your very own words…

      Personally i’m not offended, i couldn’t care less if someone called me a flipping imbecile. But what you are arguing is really a very minor semantic: the difference between trying to tell someone why they shouldn’t believe in what they said or stating an opinion that happens to be different to the article. Not really much difference…

      anywho guess thats that

    • Daniel Cowan says:

      That was about as pointless as you found my original response.

  18. wenkev02 says:

    Great blog!!! Shame about the nobs early replies..Ramsey is a shining light in the team and thro.the club. Most players go thro.bad form , bad luck,and Ramsey has had more than his share. Wallcot should be taking note . Better stop ,going into a rant!!!

  19. Zinc says:

    It’s good to see Ramsey hitting form and people recognising his hard word, few deserve to find success more than him, especially in our team.

    He’s obviously still got his weak points but the one I’d like to see him fix the most is the amount he gives away fouls deep into our half – a problem not entirely of his own making playing in a team with no recognised DM but a potentially costly issue none the less.

  20. Zinc says:

    Hard work* even.

  21. Michael says:

    Great blog!!! Thoroughly enjoyed it I think Ramsey is our most underrated player and will soon be very important to our team I think he will eventually replace arteta when we get a DM to place alongside him also if you wouldn’t mind please check out my blog and would really appreciate your opinion http://thegaelicgooner.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/wojciech-szczesny-loss-of-form-and.html?m=1 thanks!!

  22. The Don says:

    People just do not understand the important of the industrial side of the game. It is hard work and industry that beats Barcelona 4-0 not just technical ability. Anyone that has watched Aaron enough knows that contrary to some peoples assertions he does have a trick or two in his locker and great vision and passing,maybe we haven’t seen much of it due to confidence but the ability is there and above all the attitude. With more games and time he will silence all his critics just like he silenced me.

  23. Sola Bamigboye says:

    TBH, Rambo has been fatally under-appreciated for his contributions to the team…What else do u demand from a player who is deployed to play in diff positions on the field. How many players have that luxury of being used in an utility way? It benefits the team and player on the long run and makes him better. Aaron has really stepped up his game and IMHO, he deserves to be Arsenal Player of the Year (has a battle with Carzola for the prize). @ 22, he can only get better and am sure b an Arsenal great….Well written write up, keep it up, Educated Gooner

  24. nirmal says:

    His my best arsenal player. i think i love our british core. they can win us trophies with a bit of spark from the likes of cazorla.

  25. walle says:

    Ramsey is an average player and dos not deserve to be in our first team, let alone reserves. He is just not good enough. Yes he has been doing a lot of running around in rcent games, but his technique is still poor nad he is not effective. Thinks in slow motion, loses the ball now and again, cant shoot, too slow. Its an indictment of how we have fallen as a club that Ramsey can be mentioned as nominee for player of the season. Arsenal need to rid itself of players like Ramsey if we are to get back to winning trophies…..

  26. Jeff Schrier says:

    Aaron Ramsey Arsenal’s player of the year? It’s no wonder the club have not come close to winning any title or competition for years. Guaranteed he would not even be included in the squad of either ManU, mANc, Chel, Tott and a few other PL teams. Both he and to a slightly lesser degree Arteta offer the team NOTHING OFFENSIVELY. Endless passing of the ball sideways and backwards, no real pace (remember 38 year old Ryan Giggs cruising past Ramsey earlier this year) and when he does get the chance in front of goal always seems to fluff it often not even hitting the target as was the case again on Saturday. Beware Arsenal will be in big trouble against ManU with the pacy players they have. Of the back 6 (4 defenders and Arteta and Ramsey) 3 have no pace and Sagna is so overrated. With these sort of players they had better hope that MANU have got a huge hangover otherwise they will get hammered.

  27. Daniel C says:

    Well done Mr Dunmore!!!

    That must be the best post I have ever read. Since his return from injury Ramsey has been my favourite player and personal inspiration. As a South African Gooner, statistics, total goal tally and all of those pointless bragging rights mean nothing to me. When I sit down to watch a match which I don’t have the privilege of seeing in person, my heart bleeds Arsenal. And it does so even more when I see Ramsey walk onto that beautiful pitch. He defines what passion, determination and love of the game means to so many, and is spoiled by fools who don’t have the vision to see 3 inches passed their pc screens to berate such an amazing footballer. He may not be a mega-million signing that dazzles the eyes, but his best attribute, amongst many others, is the fact that his loyalty doesn’t end at the bottom of his pocket! (a few who are implied but shan’t be mentioned). With that said, Ramsey is instrumental in what makes Arsenal great, and makes me proud to wear OUR jersey!!!

  28. Odbam says:

    For me nothing is changed in Ramseys performance, he brings one good pass for Giroud Vs Everton and became Man of d match #wonderful. Go analyse d second goal scored by Tottenham and see how Ramsey messed up with Scot parker, I couldnt believe what I saw from a Professional footballer. British fans love to make Ramsey a Maradona, but in truth Ramsey is Shit all season. All position played by him were messed up and we were just hanging in d game. wenger should be careful now bcos Ramsey could cost us dearly in d race for fourth. I can go on and take about Ramseys performance in all our games, they are all rubbish. I prefer to see jack Wilshere play Ramsey positon so Santi and Rosicky could roam over d attacking position. but wait what position does, Ramsey plays, I cannot tell if he is a Defender, Defensive Midfielder, Attacking Midfielder, Winger or ever an attacker bcos he has messed up in all positions, Ramsey and Giroud are d sole reason why we didnt challenge for dis title. We must replace him with Immediate effect

  29. Ajay says:

    Yes Ramsey is awesome.Wenger too has faith on him.This is reflected by the fact that Ramsey has the second most appearences for Arsenal this season.

  30. RiCCi says:

    I don’t hate Ramsey. But sometimes how he squanders and misses opportune chances is a headache.
    Jack has passed through worse. Yet if never disappoints.
    It’s high time Aaron polished his reaction in the final 3rd. He can do better than what he does now. This is not the Ramsey we knew at Arsenal. He can do it.

  31. Michael says:

    Nice blog, Ramsey has been my favorite arsenal player for the past 2 seasons despite some of arsenal fans that abuse him. Ramsey presence in the CM has been great for arsenal for the past few games we have won. Now arsenal are beggining to keep possession just like arsenal was, He just need a little time to adjust his goal scoring ability and I am sure he is going to lead us to greatness

  32. Pierre says:

    Say what you want Ramsey can run for days and that’s something not every player has the stamina for. Gotta love the guy.

  33. James Walsh says:

    I can’t understand why someone recovering from an injury or getting over someone’s death is of any importance here. Ramsey is a bog standard midfield player, constantly nervous on the ball and unwilling to move it forward. A defensive midfielder who pulls out of 50/50’s, just what Arsenal need. Wouldn’t get a sniff at the Arsenal teams of the past 15 years, lucky that Diaby is out and we sold Song, Cesc, Nasri et al.

  34. Victor Aideloje says:

    Thanks for your views about Ramsey and being the player of the season.
    But that would not change my mind for now maybe we should give him another season.
    The player of the season without a shadow of doubt is Santi Cazorla his technic his ability to pick a pass his goals scored his tenacity his dribbling skills to say the list.

  35. Olezz says:

    some people’s level of stupidity baffles me. The writer didn’t say Ramsey is our best player or in the level as Messi and the likes. Ramsey for me, have done well, he works hard for the team. Yes, he’s made a whole lot of mistakes, wrong passes, wrong tackle, missing very good opportunities. My question is, who doesn’t make mistakes?. If you like close your eyes and ears and refuse to accept the fact that Ramsey has a lot to offer and improve on. Like him or hate him, he’s an Arsenal player and gets his cash. Go on Ramsey! Though not my favourite Arsenal player, but i appreciate your effort and encourage you to do more. You can do better cos you have the ability to.

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