Özil’s Arsenal future to be decided by the Euros?

By Matt Brown
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Jun 1st, 2016

ozil_bayernArsenal’s domestic campaign was disappointing overall. Our final day finish over Tottenham was a glorious occasion for all the sentiment it entails but I think we’d be kidding ourselves to say this season was a success. In patches, Arsenal looked like a team capable of winning the title but once more a lack of options when injury struck cost us dearly.

It looks like the club are finally going to remedy that situation – or at least do their best to mitigate the potential fallout of injury. We’ve moved early for offer him the captaincy and it looks like our business is far from over.

With some fresh blood next season we should hopefully push on. We have a strong core and a lot of players are really started to get into their stride. Bellerin was the best right back in the league last season and his efforts have been rewarded with a call up for Spain and Mesut Özil was sublime. He has taken a few season to find his level but boy, what a level.

If we can sign a strong finisher this summer he could obliterate the assists record as he’s absolutely full of chances. However, my deepest football related fear is that we’ll sign a striker but Özil won’t be here to tee them up.

I’m always worried about injuries on the international stage but more so I’m concerned we might lose Özil this summer.

Mesut will be heading to Euro 2016 as a favourite to win the tournament where he will be playing with half of the Bayern team. I don’t think Bayern are as underhanded as Barca were with their daily mentions of DNA but if Germany are successful half of his team-mates will be telling him that’s what it’s like every week at Bayern.

Should Germany falter he might feel so desperate for success that he requests a move. Should Germany win he might be so enamoured with that winning feeling he requests a move.

Özil is yet to sign the new contract that has been offered to him, opting to focus on the Euro 2016 campaign first. It’s not unusual for players to want to focus on one thing at a time but with not long left on his contract it’s a concern.

If Özil asks for a move we can of course say no and hope that a successful club campaign will convince him to stay but Arsenal have a record when it comes to cashing in on dwindling contracts. With the new TV deals we don’t need the money, in many cases we never really needed the money, but Arsenal have a board who give equal weight – some would argue greater – to financial pragmatism and on-field success. They would rather get a guaranteed fee now than risk losing the player anyway and not winning the title so you could bet on them selling Özil if he refuses to sign an extension.

Ideally a German victory would sate Özil for long enough to convince him this is the best place for him or we could offer him the captaincy – it’s worked before! Whatever happens with Euro 2016 Arsenal needs to send a message to their rivals, the league and their own players. New signings are a must and they need to tell the right story. They need to put fear into our opponents and convince our best players to stay and the rest of the team to up their game. Xhaka is a great start but it mustn’t stop there.

We need Özil if we are to win the title next season because it’s going to be open-season with all the big clubs strengthening and all the other clubs emboldened by Leicester. We need to keep our best players and improve on top of that. Alexis Sanchez was a worry until he swapped shirt numbers so maybe that’s what we need to do with Özil!


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