Make money with matched betting in 2018

By Edward V
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Jun 28th, 2018

What is matched betting and how can you benefit in 2018?

For those of you who aren’t sure what matched betting is, let me introduce you to potentially the best way to make money online.

Matched betting is a way of making a guaranteed profit from bookmakers free bets and promotions. Using a risk free betting technique, all the chance in normal gambling is removed.

You may or may not know, the betting industry is incredibly competitive and the bookies have to do a lot to gain and keep new customers.

One of the ways they do this is by offering a huge range of free bets and promotions.

It’s these promotions that matched bettors take advantage of on a daily basis.

So how does this method work?

How does matched betting work?

You’re probably wondering how it’s possible to make a guaranteed profit when betting is involved. This is exactly the same reaction I had when I first came across this method.

However, after further research I realised matched betting was a legitimate and very profitable way of making money.

Matched bettors use a method called back and lay betting. This method involves placing two opposing bets at different betting companies meaning each bet is effectively cancelled out.

Therefore, when you’re using the bookies free bets, you can make a guaranteed profit.

Using a matched betting calculator, you can work out the exact outcome of your bets before an event has even started.

How much money can you make?

Matched betting is an incredibly profitable way of making money online. But you’re probably after some numbers, so here goes…

You can expect to make around £1000 in the first month, whilst you complete the sign up offers.

However, one of the great things about this money making method is its long term potential.

The bookies want to keep existing customers returning and they do this by offering reload offers or on-going promotions.

With these offers you should expect to make around £500 per month, however, some more experienced matched bettors earn up to £1000 each month with reload offers.

As with most things, the amount of money you make really depends on how much time you invest.

So who’s matched betting for?

Matched betting is for literally anyone interested in making money online.

There are thousands of people who already make money on a daily basis from this technique – from stay at home parents to university students.

It really is suited to anyone and you don’t need any kind of betting experience or interest in sport.

I certainly recommend you take a look at matched betting if you’re interested in making money online in 2018.

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