It’s Time to Get Behind the Team No Matter What

By Miles Wickford
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Nov 28th, 2017
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So, that win over the weekend was nice. A point from fourth place and with the same number of games played, yet if you were to listen to some sections of the fanbase, our season was already over just last week. So how about we do something a bit different and come together as supporters of the club, and you know, get behind the team. It’s happened before, and it would be a fine thing to see it happen again.

At the moment, there are several polarizing characters in the club. Ozil, Ramsey and Cech have all faced as much criticism as they have been praised so far this season but the one personality that divides the fans more than any other is the man at the helm, Arsene Wenger.

Love him or dislike him (we’re quite sure that nobody genuinely hates him), the man is the gaffer, and we’ve got to get behind him. He has his contract and he simply won’t get fired unless he takes us to within a hair’s breadth of relegation. And even then, the board just might keep him. So, the fact is that nothing you can do or say as a supporter has any effect on Wenger or his position. He’s here for the rest of the season at the very least, so instead of wasting our time criticizing him, let’s get behind him and the team.

The win over the Spuds was a big one. As much as we hate to admit it, they are looking like a very good team as of late and beating them so soundly was exactly the tonic the club and team needed. We can only hope that this will kick-start the season.

We’re still in the cups, still in the league (although City looks like they’ll run away with it) and most importantly, still in Europe. While we all felt a bit deflated at the idea of Thursday night football, it’s looking like one of our best chances in years to get a bit of European silverware in the trophy cabinet.

The next six weeks will be tough on the team with 12 games to play before the end of the year. United, Liverpool and, of course, the EFL Cup Quarterfinal are all coming up during that period, so the team can ill afford any distractions off the pitch. So regardless of how the results go, what substitutions Wenger makes or how many injuries we pick up along the way, we simply must get behind the team. We’ve all heard the anecdotes and soundbites about the supporters being the 12th man, but the fact is that it’s true. Constantly niggling away at the team’s efforts has to have a detrimental effect on their play. So, if we show a bit of genuine support, who knows what might happen.

And as for those guys that get interviewed on ArsenalFanTV, it’s great that they have a forum to vent their frustrations, but some of the stuff they come up with is taking it a bit too far. These guys need to take a step back and calm themselves down a bit. In fact, maybe the guys that run the channel should introduce a new segment called keeping your cool; only instead of jumping in a bath of ice with Usain Bolt, they can climb in with Merson or Keown.

Coming up, we are looking at a massive six weeks and what we need is a club that is standing together. The boss isn’t going anywhere, so leave your ‘Wenger Out’ banners at home and get behind the team. And if at the end of the season, we’re off the pace and have won nothing, then fire away. But until then, let’s support the team and see how far they can go.

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One Response to “It’s Time to Get Behind the Team No Matter What”

  1. Stuart Tibber says:

    First big of common sense I’ve heard on Wenger for years!

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