Gunners can laugh off Mourinho’ Cesc claim

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Jul 23rd, 2014

Jose Mourinho’s claim that Cesc Fabregas never really wanted to return to Arsenal this summer will quite rightly be laughed off by most Gunners fans.

Mourinho says his transfer business is now complete after he followed up the capture of Fabregas from Barcelona with similar eye-catching deals for Atletico Madrid’s star duo Diego Costa and Filipe Luis.

The Chelsea boss has the look of a contented man but his latest somewhat inflammatory comments about Fabregas should – like a lot of his outpourings last season – be taken with a big pinch of salt.

As we know, the Portuguese coach likes nothing more than winding up his opponents in the media and this year it appears he is starting early. Seasoned observers of the former Inter Milan and Real Madrid manager are well aware he revels in taking often snidy, underhand swipes at other clubs, their managers, and tactics. For Mourinho nothing is really off limits – he’ll say what he wants to try and get what he thinks is a slight psychological advantage.

The problem he has, however, is that most of his fellow coaches, players and fans are now totally wise to his so-called mind-games and will generally dismiss his trash-talking with a wry smile. He attempted to get under the skin of both Arsene Wenger and Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers, amongst others, last season without too much success and the Arsenal manager will not be bothered by his latest outburst on Fabregas.

For what it’s worth, Cesc’s first choice was clearly to return to the Emirates when it became clear Barca were willing to let him leave. It is widely known he had plenty of input into the clause in his contract that meant the Gunners would be given first option and he was very happy with the arrangement. The fact Wenger decided to pass on the opportunity to bring him back should be seen as an encouraging sign – he knows he has quality in abundance in central midfield already – and couldn’t guarantee Fabregas a regular starting role in the new season. Wenger is blessed with plenty of options and will rely on Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Santi Cazorla and Mikel Arteta so, after weighing up Fabregas’ potential return, he simply decided there was no room for him in his squad.

Plenty of Gunners fans would, of course, have welcomed him back but many would also have been aware Cesc’s return would probably mean someone else being shown the door. Arsenal moved on after Fabregas’ departure and some would have seen his return as taking a step back.

Fans, though, are not stupid, especially the ones who know how to bet on football, and Mourinho’s comments will not fool many.

Mourinho is putting a positive spin on the transfer for the benefit of Chelsea, but to suggest the player only ever wanted to go to Stamford Bridge when Barca called time on his spell at the Nou Camp is stretching the truth even by his standards. Fabregas made it clear several times in interviews while in Catalonia that he would one day be open to playing for Arsenal again so Mourinho’s attempts to pull the wool over people’s eyes now only end up making him look silly. Again.

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20 Responses to “Gunners can laugh off Mourinho’ Cesc claim”

  1. Robin Clark says:

    Perhaps Cesc will return to the Arse when he’s past it and has a pocket full of medals???

  2. Matt says:

    Cesc wanted to comeback to London as his wife and child are based here. To be frank he would have gone to Sp*rs if nobody else had come in for him. He is a good player but he should never have left and I feel, sadly, he is on a downward slope. No player wants to be hated by former fans so any other London club as first choice is of course bullsh*t. He has also earned the enmity of Barcelona fans in his present choice of employer. In some ways I admire him; putting his family first despite having to work with a man so deeply lacking in class as Mourinho.

  3. Tayo says:

    Last seasonHe(mou) attempted to get under the skin of wenger and brendan Roger and others without much success:cfc 1 man c 0, mac 1 cfc 2, asenal 0 cfc 0,cfc 6 arsenal 1,cfc 2 liv 1,liv 0 cfc 2,man u 0 cfc 0,cfc 3 man u 1,tott 2 cfc 2,cfc 4 tott,mr biased Author,how do you mean mou mind games didnt work against his main rival?

    • Sid says:

      But what did he and the chavs win? Nothing… Just in case you’re as thick as your piss poor spelling implies…

    • Moonwalker says:

      How many times did Arsenal FC beat Tottenham Hotspur (every single one), How many times did Arsenal FC beat Liverpool FC 2 times Chelsea FC 1 and that’s when Liverpool FC had Jaws and Chelsea had Eden Hazard 0 World Cup goals, (Oscar, David Luiz, Ramires) Brasil 1-7 (Özil, Mertesacker, Podolski) and only Özil were the one who played. Except Mertesackers ending minutes!!!!!! So Arsenal 1/ and a 1/2 player Chelsea 3!!!!!! And who played more minutes Özil or Schürrle??? Özil!!!!! And he didn’t even play his regular position. Who was voted Germany’s most important and most valuable player Özil or Schürrle??? Özil!!!!! Who spent his World Cup winnings like a true pro and gentlemen paying for 24 surgeries for sick Brazilian children Özil or Schürrle??? Özil!!!!!! Who missed a golden opportunity and rebounded and scored the goal when Schürrle was given the ball by no one else then Özil himself??? A goal our dead dog even could have scored!!!!!! Mesut gives the assist to Schürrle who misses WHAT??? Özil gets the rebound and smashes it in!!!!!! And the dude was playing as a winger not attacking midfielder!!!!!! 1-1 on goals!!!!!! Who complete most key passes, dribbles and chances the last third??? Özil with over 174 passes, 11 dribbles completed, 15 Chances created. @who had more clearances on the entire German team???? Per Mertesacker with 34 despite Jerome Boateng with one match more played and more minutes played and we beat his ass team Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena and by doing so become the first club to accomplish it beating both Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund at Signal Iduna Park away in 9 years!!!!!! That goes all the way back to the Fergie years!!!!!! Meaning no “Manchester United” even under Fergie etc… who Jose called the King and Fergie called Wenger his worst nightmare in his whole career when it came to tough matches!!!!!!!, no “Chelsea FC” even with Lampard, Drogba, Terry Cech and No Way Jose etc… !!!!, no “Real Madrid” even with Cristiano, Benzema, Di Maria, Özil (no he made it with another team), Khedira, Ramos and Casillas etc…. no Barcelona even under Guardiola, Messi, Fàbregas, Pique, Puyol, Pedro, Xavi, Iniesta Valdez etc… Arsenal 128 days on top of the league, Harder Champions League group and a FA Cup ending a drought the Frenchman Arsène Wenger 1 – Chelsea FC 63 days on top over twice as less (the specialist of failure) and then the Poor-tuguese No Way Jose 0 trophies (CESC NOT WANTING RETURN TO ARSENAL TALK????????????

  4. jabberwock says:

    Maureen, the knobend with knobs on!

  5. keyo says:

    Yes, you’re right. That guy has started to play his usual mind game. It was a relief for England football when he left for inter Milan, then to Madrid. After spoiling their football for years, he came back and is distracting the football we have been enjoying during Avram grant to AVB time even at Chelsea. Actually it is the media that gives him this recognition and he makes silly comments here and there.

    • Delford Magaya says:

      Do not blame the media for whatever they do, they know his character, so they also enjoy talking to him, to enable him to make fool of himself. That is all what the media want, he is a comedian, they enjoy his comments. Instead himself should be clever enough to ignore the media.

  6. Cut Price says:

    Cheque Book Charlie would say that wouldn’t he!

  7. Delford Magaya says:

    Arsene Wenger is not worried about Mourinho’s comments on the Fabregas issue. Wenger will not even intertain such comments. Wenger will concetrate with his team that is all he is doing right now.

  8. David says:


  9. Ncee says:

    Fabrigas said i have unfinished business in England. Though you lot think Mou silly, the trut is he see were you cam’t.

  10. emmanuel says:

    mourinho! what an idiot!

  11. Lols,loosers like arsenal fans,fab wants to win trophies.chelsea is a step foward and mourinho mind games are payin off for him.stop being envy of chelsea football club.u knw dat evry season,we do marry u people so stop makin noise foolish gunners fan,one trophy in 9years.its realy shameful

  12. dav says:

    its only stupidity and idiocrasy or when you are insane and shallow minded person which will probably termed you as an IMBECILE that you will be thinking that mourinho is always playing mind games

  13. rosfamurewa says:

    Like C.Ronaldo and later Samuel Eto o, I hope Fabrigas will not call him a fool, puppet later.

  14. crammer says:

    tchew… wonder never end. even after grabbing wenger as a “specialist in failure” following by an historical humiliation 6-0 defeat by the same mou, an FA CUP was nothing but enough excuse used by arsenal’s novice fans to qualify mourinho’s statement as a “mind game ” forgetting that the’ve won an FA CUP in 9years which z nothing but a “failure ” isn’t it? “yes it is” so, was that a mind game? “no it was the truth said by a genius, but only wrongly interpreted by fools …! c’mon mou, this time around all the weapons in place … twende kazi chelsea!!

  15. emma says:

    Wenger doesn’t care,if he needed cesc he would’ve gotten him. Wenger didn’t sign him because there was no place for him,he didn’t want him to sit on the bench,he still cares for the boy so he’ll still protect him. Mou is just being childish because nobody asked him where cesc wanted to go. Wenger wenger signed sanchez did he say how he got him or whether sanchez wanted liverpool or not? Thats maturity,do your business quietly and move on. And am also confused with the story,mou only mentioned calling him,while cesc said he visited him,who are they fooling? Arsenal have moved on,chelsea should do thesame

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