Could Arsenal win a 3rd title at WHL?

By Daniel Cowan
In Arsenal
Jun 16th, 2016

Imagine if Arsenal snatch 2nd place for a 21st consecutive St Totteringham’s from the best Sp*rs side in 55 years with the most disjointed, unimaginative and lethargic side they’ve had in 20 years. It is unlikely to happen but boy would it be funny, absolute comedy gold. Sp*rs fans might crow about finishing above us but I doubt it will get under the skin of too many Gooners – one in 20 years is hardly an arrow to the heart but for them to lose out to us after the season each side has had would be crushing.

Heading into the final day I had little confidence that Arsenal would pip Sp*rs into 2nd place. Newcastle were already relegated and Tottenham had a two point lead; it just wasn’t going to be our year. We all know what happened next and I’m still laughing my ass off about it.

When the fixture list was released yesterday morning I did what we all do; I skimmed it until I found the North London Derbies. November 5th at home and April 29th away. As soon as I saw the fixtures a delicious thought entered my mind. What if? Surely not? It’s possible, tough but possible. Imagine that. Oh what a thing of beauty it would be.

That is what ran through my mind. My next action was to use my Bet365 bonus code for existing customers to put my money where my brain was taking me. I’ve bet on Arsenal to win the title. More specifically, I’ve bet on them to win the title at  White Hart Lane. The thought of it is genuinely arousing. I’ve overshared there but I don’t care; we’re all adults here.

Next season is Tottenham’s last at the Lane before they briefly vacate whilst construction on their new toilet is underway. How incredible would it be to not only destroy their hopes of a “power shift” once again but to do it in their backyard to win the title again? To compound their misery it would mean that Arsenal has won more titles on their ground than they have!

Bragging rights would be assured for a hundred years. No matter what Sp*rs achieve they’ll always suffer the ignominy of being beaten by their greatest rivals on their home turf in their last season in their beloved ground and have to watch again as Arsenal players parade around the hoardings as champions. No Sp*rs fan would be able to open their mouth again without being utterly destroyed by a barrage of memes, vines, snapchats and tweets.

Obviously there is a lot of work to do to make this a reality but the mere possibility is salivating. Arsenal need to play like champions for a whole season, not just half a season, if they want to claim their 14th league title.

Given the last 12 years, winning the title in this fashion is the least Arsenal could do for us. I don’t want to say they owe it to us, any title win would be welcome right now, but if anything would make the last 12 years worth it then that would be it.

Gooners would finally reunite under the banner of One Arsène Wenger and his legend will surpass itself. We’ve had years of in-fighting and pettiness but if there’s one thing we could all agree on it’s winning a title in convincing fashion. The only thing we’d argue over is which WHL title win was better, 2004 or 2017 — should it come to fruition, I would opt for 2017 purely because the Invincibles status wasn’t secure and you can’t top winning the title at WHL during their final season there! Come on Arsenal, make it happen.

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