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By Miles Wickford
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Aug 8th, 2017

There are plenty of things to see and do in North London. The city is very dynamic and active and the range of entertainment is widely varied. You’ll have plenty of choices to get fit quickly, with some of the best exercise classes you can find in North London. Whether you want to pump iron, do yoga, dance, box, spin, or do Pilates and HIIT exercises, you’re sure to find classes in some of North London’s popular gyms and fitness centres.

Ethos Barre Crossfire

Ethos is one of the hip fitness studios in Spitalfields, London. It’s popular for its Barre Crossfire classes. The class uses a circuit style format, with a variety of equipment including TRX. In no time you’ll develop endurance, strength and lean muscles. The classes are diverse and fast paced. Ideal for those who want to spend their lunch hour in the gym, as the class only lasts for 40 minutes.

High Intensity Interval Training

If you want of variety of workouts for “overall” high intensity training, you can find a local Les Mills studio around North London that’s closer to your place of work or your neighbourhood. There are about a hundred locations to choose from. Les Mills offers 20 different programmes, depending on your fitness goals. The studio has a number of cardio programs, weight classes, groovy dance workouts and flexibility sessions. If you want something grittier where you’ll also learn self-defense moves, Les Mills has Body Combat. The studio also offered scientifically designed HIIT programs. You can visit the studio for one-on-one or group sessions. If you do not have that much time, Les Mills offers several on-demand workout programmes.


Try something different at EPulsive in South Kensington. You’ll only spend 20 minutes for your workout, yet it’s equivalent to a HIIT class that’s 90 minutes long. At EPulsive, you’ll experience Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) with a personal trainer. The session is one-on-one, and your workout is tailored to fit your fitness needs. In four sessions, the studio guarantees that you’ll see the difference. The electrical pulses engage about 98% of the muscles in your entire body. According to the studio’s website, you’re bound to burn about 500kcal in one session.

Sweat by BXR

BRX, located at Chiltern Street, offers Sweat classes in its new boutique studio fitted for boxing classes. Here you can train like an athlete by working out with professional athletes. Your programme can be tailored to your needs. Only 20 people are accommodated in a class, and you’ll be guided all the way by a coach. BRX SWEAT has three different studios — Skills, Strength & Conditioning and Cardio, so you can carefully choose what you want your fitness class to deliver.

Core Collective Stretch

Located at Phillimore Walk, Kensington, Core Collective is a studio that offers Stretch classes. The stretching class alternates focus on the lower and upper body. The floor-based routine works each muscle group to help improve your strength, prevent injury and most important of all, improve your flexibility. The 55-minute long session combines active and passive stretches that are designed to be relaxing and accessible to persons with different flexibility levels.


FloatFit by Aquaphysical offers a new way to do yoga and HIIT classes. In this studio, you can do a 30-minute HIIT workout such as V-sits, aquaclimbers, squats, lunges and burpees while floating on water. The cross training programme is a fun but challenging way to have a full body workout with the cushiony feel of being on water. You’ll have to learn to keep your balance while you’re on your inflatable exercise bed. They are meant to wobble although they are actually anchored. The FloatFit Vinyasa Yoga also lasts for 30 minutes. It’s a perfect way to end a hectic day at the office. FloatFit classes are currently held at Haymarket Hotel in London.

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