Alexis frustrated with lack of title challenge

By Daniel Cowan
In Arsenal
Jun 21st, 2017

By Joe Trott

Alexis Sanchez is most likely going to leave Arsenal, following all the statements he made in the media in the last weeks. According to an interview with Sky Sports, he is really frustrated because the team did not manage to compete for the title. This entire season Sanchez was angry, especially after the draw with Bournemouth that happened in January. He did throw gloves to the turf in a highly mediatized incident.

Alexis Sanchez’s contract will expire next year fuelling speculations that he might even leave the club as early as this summer. This caused the Betfair Sportsbook App to adjust their betting odds, as did similar betting apps. It is common for betting companies to reduce their suggested odds whenever an important player leaves a big team. In fact betting companies alter the odds even before the actual contract is over. This is because the teams tend to perform worse as soon as they find out their star player is about to leave. As Alexis Sanchez seems to be poised to leave the club, Betfair, Coral and others betting companies lowered their odds for Arsenal.

Speaking about the frustrations at the club, he declared that most of them are happening because of the fact that they are losing and drawing against teams that they should dominate while playing at home. This frustration was associated with the fact that the team should have been a challenger for the title in Premier League, but that did not happen. Instead, the team finished on the fifth position in Premier League, missing out on the possibility of participating in Champions League.

Sanchez went on to declare that he has complete confidence in the skill that the team has. The problem, according to the player, was that they did not think solely about winning. When the team had the right mentality he said that the team did win.

Arsenal’s final spot in the Premier League can only be seen as a disappointment, given the talent of the players and the aspirations at the start of the championship. The final of the cup is the last opportunity for the club and according to Sanchez, the team has the right mentality and desire at the moment.

There is no way to deny the fact that Alexis Sanchez was on form playing for Arsenal this season. He scored over 20 goals and did give his fair shares of assists. However, the final results may be enough for the player to move on. Unofficially, it seems that a new contract for Arsenal is not going to be signed.

Sanchez did receive really good terms from Arsenal. However, the agreement that many fans look for is not sealed. All the official discussions were actually shelved until the season fully ends.

What is interesting is that there are so many different clubs that are looking for the services of the Chilean. This only further fuels the speculation that he is going to leave. Among the football clubs that have shown a direct interest in the services of Alexis Sanches, PSG and Juventus are seen as being the clear favorites. At the same time, we do have Chelsea, Manchester City and Bayern Munich showing different degrees of interest.

Regarding the rumors that he may leave, Sanchez said that he cannot say anything about the future. His official statement was that the end of the season needs to first come. He went on to declare that not everything depends on his wishes. It is also something that will depend a lot on Arsenal. Obviously an agreement can only come when the club agrees. Officially, Wenger is appreciative of the performance Sanchez had and is urging the forward to remain at Arsenal.

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