89 the Film Premiere Attended by Arsenal Legends

By Daniel Cowan
In Arsenal
Nov 12th, 2017

By Dan Betts

Nostalgia is perhaps the most addictive of substances. Looking back on moments that changed your life for the better is an uplifting experience.

As Gooners, we have plenty of moments to savour, but THAT night on May 26th, 1989 is perhaps the sweetest. So an invite to attend the premiere of 89 The Film was snapped up pretty quickly.

Upon my arrival at the Hammersmith Odeon, I caught sight of the men who created history. It is always a surreal moment being in the vicinity of your heroes and this was no different, players whose views often influence the odds found on http://bookiesbettingoffers.co.uk/ as their years on the pitch gives them insight and ability to see details ordinary punters might miss. I made my way inside and I bumped into a current member of The Arsenal and of course I pestered him for a picture.

It was no surprise Jack was there. He’s a Gooner and this film showcases a season that embodies our club. We are synonymous with the title winning team of 1988, and I sat down in a packed theatre for a quick Q&A with George Graham, Tony Adams, Mickey Thomas, Lee Dixon, Amy Lawrence and the host, Alan Davies.

They were on fine form so when it was time to wrap up to show the film it felt too soon.

I needn’t have worried as the main course would more than satisfy my hunger!

The film is more than a mere focus on the season. It illuminates every facet, flooding you with memories. The images and tales from the team, manager, fans and even the referee for that night at Anfield all add lustre and sparkle.

It is cinematography at its finest when it recreates events of the past and makes your own memories pale in comparison, and Amy and her team have to be applauded. The way they handled the tragic events of Hillsborough were especially poignant.

There is a particular moment in the film when the soundtrack, words and images collide to create something truly wondrous. The slow motion kicks in, and the milliseconds before Mickey makes history are shown in a way that stays with you. Really beautiful stuff.

This movie is mandatory for Gooners. For football fans. It shows the reason why we are all in love with the game. The unthinkable moments that construct YOUR football club.

This movie was better than memories. I left that theatre with a huge grin on my face and a belief that anything was possible if I summon the spirit of 89.

89 is available in OurScreen cinemas from 11th November & on DVD & Digital Download from 20th November.

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