What Would Arsenal’s Team Look Like If Twitter Was In Charge?

By Daniel Cowan
In Arsenal
Jan 12th, 2014

Like Arsène Wenger, I am not a fan of the January transfer window or indeed the window still being open when the season starts. Whilst this January represents an opportunity to strengthen our title bid it, as always, hinges on who is available and Wenger would have us believe (and rightly so) that quality is rarely available in January.

Transfer windows are to football supporters as a full moon is to werewolves. It causes some transmogrification and once civil human beings become savage beasts that cannot be reasoned with.

I don’t know what Wenger is going to do this window, if anything, but I do know that by now we should have learned to trust him and not put unnecessary strain on our hearts by incessantly bleating about what we think he should do.

Imagine what the Arsenal team would look like if we got the players the twitter masses were calling for. I’m not talking about your £30m strikers etc but the so-called “no-brainer” buys – the “why didn’t Wenger get him” buys. Well this is what the team could have looked like.


Hugo Lloris – Now Hugo isn’t a bad player but neither is he a world-class one. Spuds will obviously argue differently but his performances this season have shown that his decision making is often poor and when he makes mistakes he makes costly ones.

Meanwhile, Szczesny has shown that he can and will continue to improve and a settled and hard-working defence in front of him makes all the difference with him now the top performing keeper in the league (Lloris is some way behind according to the EPL Index).


It’s not often you hear people calling for full-back signings but you do hear of quite a few centre-back’s people would like to see. Imagine where we would be in the table if we had Samba and Dann instead of Mertesacker and Koscielny?

No centre-back pairing in the EPL is ranked as high as the Arsenal duo are.


If everyone got their way Arsenal would have three defensive midfielders in Capoue, M’Vila and Parker. Three deep midfield players has really worked out well for Totteringham this season hasn’t it?

Now each of these players have their own merits and over the past few season when we have missed having a defensive midfielder they were perfectly good names to desire but as is so often true, Arsène Wenger went his own way and was proven to be right. I feel much more secure seeing Flamini take to the field than I think I ever would with any of those three names.


We’ve been linked with pretty much any breathing striker on Planet Earth but the “no-brainer” signing that was much clamoured for was Papis Cisse of Newcastle who has been setting the league on fire again this season right?

People often talk about how much better off Arsenal would be if only Wenger “listened to the fans” and bought X player or Y player and “they don’t even have to be expensive, that bloke at that club in the EPL would do”. What is rarely mentioned is how much worse off Arsenal could be if we did sign some of those players.

Would Cisse offer us more than Giroud? He would be perfectly good backup but what if Wenger wants to make the sort of signing that would see Giroud become the backup? Cisse would be £10m of useless to us in that situation and it wouldn’t take long for the cries of “deadwood” to ring out around the world.

Could you imagine where we would be in the league if Wenger took our advice and had Scott Dann and Chris Samba as his centre-backs instead of Mertesacker and Koscielny? The thought frightens me.

And what has happened to our great saviour, M’Vila? He’s smashing it up at Real Madrid right? Sorry, it’s Barcelona. Capoue is really shining in the Premier League as well.

Some of these names I have expressed a desire for myself in the past but I’m glad I have zero influence with Wenger because this team is delighting me seven ways from Sunday at the moment and I wouldn’t swap one player for any of these “no-brainer” signings.

So let’s hibernate for the rest of January and let the club worry about who to sign, they’ve got a much better idea of what we need than we do.

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5 Responses to “What Would Arsenal’s Team Look Like If Twitter Was In Charge?”

  1. Vinay says:

    Jovetic??? what about him, he doest even get a chance to play for city reserves and you want him here???

    Great read Daniel.

  2. tamilgooner says:

    Good article .
    Lets not forget the utter meltdown on twitter when the t*ts bought 100M of plyers in the summer window .
    The pundits were on and on about how Levy ‘Had a Plan’ unlike wenger . I’m glad Arsene didn’t have such a plan and instead did it in his own style .

    The only disappointment I had was when we missed out on Juan Mata . The chavs just hijacked our deal . AW chose not to get into a bidding war(or did he lose it ?) .

    Still like you say , I too am proud of every single one of our players .

  3. elkieno says:

    you would want to hope it was a name being thrown around.
    It is like Jesus walkinh through desert with the Devil trying to tempt him… We walk the world online and these stories are tempting us with made up facts, but we stay strong…

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