The season starts here

By Daniel Cowan
In Arsenal
Oct 16th, 2011

Arsenal are slowly getting there. Today’s performance against Sunderland was probably the best Arsenal have played this season. Sadly, against a better team the result would have been very different.

Defensively we’re still a little shaky but there are signs that it will improve and quickly.

Mertesacker was impressive for me. Yes he lacks pace but he reads the game so well and he is attacking the ball in the air better. We are now starting to see that Wenger has made a shrewd buy. Mertesacker is worth every one of his 75+ international caps.

Gervinho is starting to show glimpses of brilliance and his final ball is getting better. As the season matures he is going to be very important.

It has been said that Arsenal do not keep the ball as well as they did last season but I disagree. I think the team is taking time to settle but every player Arsene buys can keep the ball and they showed that today. Some may say ‘yeah but it was only Sunderland’ but they forget how Sunderland have regularly frustrated Arsenal for a number of seasons so it’s a great win and an impressive display of ball possession.

I want to mention Rosicky because if it wasn’t for the imperious RVP he would have been MotM. His performance today reminded me of the player we bought back in 2006 and I hope he keeps it up.

Last but not least we have to mention the world-class Robin Van Persie. He looked up for it today, the whole team did, and maybe we’ve been lacking that. That chip was sublime, it’s such a shame it didn’t go in. RVP is on form and if we keep him fit and the team continues putting in the sort of effort they did today then I don’t think we have much to worry about.

The players have to forget everything that happened before and push on.

The season starts here.

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