Is Terry a step backwards?

By Daniel Cowan
In International
Mar 21st, 2011

In pure simple terms of who is the best captain in the squad then no. Not one bit.

In overall terms of common-sense from a top class manager, yes. Completely.

John Terry as a regular England captain has the best win ratio out of all of his competitors. Ferdinand can feel unlucky and hard-done-by to have lost the captaincy but as is the man he is I am sure he won’t let it affect his performances or desire to do well for England.

The biggest loser in all of this is Average Joe England Fan. Mr Capello, once one of the greatest managers around seems to have gone completely mad in his old age. Where managers of similar age, Sir Alex, Wenger, Hodgson et al have managed to stay of sound mind and consistently deliver the goods at their retrospective levels Capello seems to have decided to take some bonkers pills.

Capello looks to be a man that hasn’t only lost his marbles but his control over the dressing room, paparazzi pressure impenetrableness, ability to stick to his promises and tactical nous.

Bringing back Terry shows that he has run out of ideas. In the run up to the Wales game he is trying to divert attention away from the generally poor performance against Denmark by making a big issue about the captaincy. “Who is the captain? Where is the armband?”. Those sorts of questions are what you would expect to hear from Joe Public in a bar somewhere, not the national team captain, he should be looking around and seeing who is out of position, who is playing well, what needs to be improved tactically, not who is wearing an armband!

Let’s face it, England just aren’t that good. Sure there are lots of good individual players but there is no cohesion and that boils down to tactics. England started the game against Denmark 4-4-2. Every player who started the game plays 30-50 games a season with clubs that play either 4-5-1 or 4-3-3. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the team lacked shape and movement and this was down to playing a completely unfamiliar formation.

Sure Capello has a hard job picking a team and making them win when he only has them for a few days at a time but he is making things harder on himself. His biggest problem is a lack of conviction in his own ideology. When Capello was appointed manager he said that he wouldn’t pick players that were unfit or out of form regardless of their stature or fame. The one player that was treated with this ideology to the letter was Theo Walcott who was left at home because he was out of form and had only recently returned to fitness. The one player Capello says he wished he had taken. The player that would have won England the World Cup according to Lionel Messi and who am I to argue with the best footballer in the world?

Most of the WC squad were unfit and out of form yet still made it onto the plane; why is this?

Terry being reinstated is just another contradiction of Capello’s supposed iron grip attitude to management. It was only a year ago that he said Terry would never be England captain again, the game against Denmark seemed to show that Capello was ready to stand by his word for once but that didn’t last long.

Capello will never understand what it means to be captain of England because he isn’t English but he’ll soon learn what respect means once the squad meets up and he realises what was left has gone.

It’s nice to see Matt Jarvis in the squad today, he is on form. Lets hope that if we make it to Euro 2012 that we’ll actually have an inform squad and hopefully Capello wises up and plays a formation that is more familiar to the squad in the main.

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