Is Arsenal a Good Value Bet This Season?

By Daniel Cowan
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Aug 30th, 2018
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Two losses and a win for Arsenal in their opening three fixtures in the Premier League – are fans now wishing they stuck with Wenger? I doubt it, but Emery has already been criticised for some of his team selections and tactics. With that being said, Emery hasn’t had a chance to shine yet and, given the fact that Arsenal had to play both Manchester City and Chelsea in their two opening fixtures, this would suggest they haven’t been blessed with an easy starting fixture list. Arsenal are already being counted out in terms of competing for the title this year but, if Emery can find a solution that clicks, they could be the dark horses of the season given the attacking quality they possess. Are Arsenal a good value bet for their upcoming fixtures?

Arsenal Are Hit or Miss

As an Arsenal fan, you certainly wouldn’t be confident of them walking away with the spoils against any team they play right now as you don’t know what sort of Arsenal you’re going to get. They sometimes come out the gates blazing and other times they get stuck in the stalls and find themselves playing catch up for the rest of the game. It’s obvious that Wenger’s DNA hasn’t been flushed out just yet, but Emery could be the man that does exactly that. The benefit of Arsenal being hit or miss from a punters point of view is that they might have better odds to win games, giving them much better value than you have from other teams. You can take a look at the Kelly criterion for football betting guide to get a glimpse of what we mean by “value bets” to help ensure that if you are going to bet on Arsenal, you get a good outcome. This is one of the best tools you can use to be successful in your football bets and taking the time to learn about it will be valuable in the long run.

They Have the Quality & Experience to Change Games Around

Even if Arsenal are 2-0 down at half-time, you still wouldn’t count them out of the match, would you? They have some of the best attacking players in the game and they more often than not, they chuck the kitchen sink at their opposition when they are behind. They’ve done it many times and will continue to do it – they have a poor half of football and bounce back when they get a scent of their opposition sitting back. Teams that sit back against Arsenal are teams that will feel the full force of Arsenal’s attack. Ultimately, Arsenal is a team that likes to play under pressure and they seem to play even better when they are trailing the game.

Arsenal Aren’t Tipped to Win the League

Arsenal are currently rebuilding from the ground up, and they’ve now got a quality manager in Unai Emery who can help them do just that. They didn’t spend heavily in the summer but they don’t need to – they have heaps of quality in all areas of their game and they just need a manager to help them realise it. The benefit of Arsenal having a couple of poor seasons under Wenger is that fans don’t expect them to win anything, and that relieves a lot of pressure on the players and manager. It means they can go into games by playing more freely and hopefully walk away with all 3 points.

Arsenal aren’t the same world beaters as they once were, but that free-flowing football they are known for can easily come back with a flick of a switch. Once Unai Emery solves his current defensive issues and discovers his perfect team selection, Arsenal will very much be title contenders again within the next couple of years. This year will likely be too soon, but once Emery has another chance to dip into the transfer market he will be able to perfect his already strong squad.

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One Response to “Is Arsenal a Good Value Bet This Season?”

  1. chris says:

    Unfortunately not. There is far too great a mess for Emery (or anyone) to clear up near term. I just hope he is given time. After all Wenger was given years and years while the situation got worse and worse ……

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