Arsenal Lost To United. So What? It’s Just One Game.

By Daniel Cowan
In Arsenal
Nov 14th, 2013

Many of my fellow bloggers will have already posted hundreds of articles about the result against United and I’ll obviously touch on it but what I really want to get off my chest is that it is just one result and not the end of the world as some are making out.

Arsenal have played some top teams this season already and have overcome those obstacles in admirable fashion. The match against United was a tepid affair with no one team truly dominating.

In recent history Arsenal went into almost every match against United as underdogs so it is testament to the quality of the team and the belief they have instilled in the fanbase that there was so much disappointment at this result. For the first time in almost a decade, Gooners expected Arsenal to win.

Arsenal didn’t really offer much in attack but were defensively solid and were it not for a corner probably would have drawn that match. For a team that was ravaged by a virus the night before the game and already missing many attacking options forcing others to play on almost depleted batteries to go to Old Trafford and restrict the reigning champions, just hitting their own form, who boast two of the best strikers in Europe to a solitary goal from a corner I think is cause for a little positivity.

Arsenal clearly missed Rosicky and Özil looks to be running on fumes. Mesut lost the ball over 20 times and looked to be completely out of the game. Silly United fans will try to claim Jones had him in his pocket but that is folly.

Before the game I thought it would be an open attacking affair with extravagant passing and exquisite movement but history should have taught me by now that Arsenal vs Manchester United games are often tense and dull. When Arsenal and United play we really should feed our need for thrilling games by visiting Titan Bingo instead of hoping for on field entertainment.

The referee didn’t help the game but I don’t think he influenced the result in anyway. We found it hard to build an attack and Giroud was extremely isolated. When we did build something we often lost the ball sloppily or the ref blew for an imaginary foul. Our only really attacks of intent came via Sagna and no-one was able to turn in the chances he created.

It wasn’t a game Arsenal deserved to lose but it certainly wasn’t a game they deserved to win. Arsenal need to find a way to win games they don’t deserve to if they truly want to be champions and I am sure they will.

In the grand scheme of things this result probably won’t make much difference come May and it is mathematically possible for Arsenal to lose the rest of their games against predicted title rivals and still be crowned Champions so I wouldn’t read too much into this result.

United didn’t outclass us in anyway and a depleted Arsenal squad ravaged by injury and sickness lacked only a little ingenuity to beat United and that will come with more options and fresher legs. Arsenal are still top of the league and have another chance to put further daylight between the chasing pack when they face Southampton next week.

The chasing pack have tough games themselves that could easily see them drop points so it is up to Arsenal to focus on winning their own game. Arsenal don’t need favours from other teams to achieve their goals this season but if the opportunity comes up again it shouldn’t be passed up.

Sunday wasn’t a great game but it’s only one result and we need to make sure it doesn’t count come May by focusing on winning our next game. Stay positive and UTA.

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