Arsenal lost and found

By Miles Wickford
In Arsenal
Aug 24th, 2018

A club with a 132-year-old legacy, Arsenal continues to be one of the top teams in the whole of Europe. Having a history filled with many greats, the club’s last few years have been filled with occasional speed bumps which led the management to do a lot of introspection and make some drastic changes recently.

A significant shift has been the replacement of Arsene Wegner, the club’s most successful manager, who has been with the team since 1996. His replacement, Unai Emery comes as a breath of fresh air and hope, however, he hasn’t had the kind of start he would have wished for.

These sorts of new shifts, ensures that Arsenal are being watched keenly by sports betters around the world. Premier League betting is at a high right now with the new season in play; and considering all the transfers earlier this year, punters and bookmakers are eager to watch the dynamics of the teams in action.

Two games down Arsenal might seem a lost cause, but then they aren’t called the Gunners for no reason. With sports betting being as much about favourite teams utterly shattering expectations as it is about predictability and luck, mavericks like Arsenal may not be the surest bet around but they are the most exciting.

The new boys

The last few games have been a real test for Unai Emery, and he is the one in the news, but let us not forget that Arsenal continues to have a great team with fantastic talent. The club’s poster boy Mesut Ozil signed a contract to stay on till the summer of 2021 which shows a real sense of belonging and commitment that fans cherish.

However, it was Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang joining the club in January at a record fee that has everyone excited. In terms of goal scoring, he is already playing at around 9/1 odds to win the Golden Boot this season. For those not in the knowing, Aubameyang was the top scorer in the Bundesliga last year with 31 goals.

The West Ham test

Arsenal plays West Ham United on Saturday and will be gunning with everything they’ve got for a victory. A third defeat can be catastrophic, and while a draw would suffice, for the time being, the players and Emery desperately need a win. The good news is, last time both the teams met, Arsenal came up on top with a 4-1 victory over West Ham.

A triumph in Saturday’s game will not only strengthen the confidence of the team and the manager but that of the fans as well. The odds for the match stand at 4/11 for Arsenal to win at the Emirates Stadium and 7/1 for a West Ham victory. Moreover, there are betting offers aplenty during this time and punters should be on the lookout for deals that can prove to be profitable.

The past and the present

There is no denying that the past uncertainties of the club seem to be catching up with Arsenal. Their performances in some of the more recent Premier League championships have been a roller-coaster ride with the occasional memorable game. Fans are in doubt with many thinking that the Gunners should focus on another trophy.

This loss in faith is starting to impact the bookmakers as well who have placed 25/1 odds on Arsenal winning the Premier League. But the fact remains that Arsenal has always had the fighting spirit in them. With change comes time to adjust and Emery’s game-play so far has been appreciated by pundits and fans alike. It’s important to realise that the team is still coming together and finding common ground that will confidently take them to greater heights. We all hope that it is sooner than later.

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