Arsenal Chasing Pogba, Cars, Shadows & The Moon

By Daniel Cowan
In Arsenal
Feb 24th, 2015

In various ‘news’ outlets today reports surfaced that Arsenal are right in the mix for the signature of Juventus and France star Paul Pogba with some even going as far as suggesting Arsenal are willing to meet his £80m release clause.

Like many others I am sure, I was beguiled into clicking onto the link and left feeling utterly dissatisfied at the lack of genuine information and dearth of column inches dedicated to the player mentioned in the title.

I cannot get angry over being tricked into visiting said article because I’m old (and wish-ish) enough to know better by now, so Tabloids 1 – Daniel 0, but I am miffed at how by any journalistic standards an article can use a title boldly claiming a scantly mentioned player within the piece is going to join any club.

One article in the Express dedicated 80% of the inches to Schneiderlin yet led with the Pogba title. The Juventus man wasn’t mentioned until the last two sentences.

What I found laughable about the whole thing was the article suggested Wenger is turning his attention to Pogba because Barcelona are now favourites for Schneiderlin. I’ve given my views on what I perceive to be a media created Schneiderlin saga and this only gives it further credence.

The news comes as a blow to Arsenal, who are now expected to step up their interest in Juventus ace Pogba.

Wenger will need meet Juve’s reported asking price of £80m and fend off fellow suitors Manchester United and Chelsea in order to get his man.

Wenger is turning his attention to £80m Pogba because he doesn’t think he can get £25m Schneiderlin. Pur-lease!

It’s no wonder quite a few of our fans think  he’s lost the plot when the media are suggesting, or implying, he sees Pogba as an alternative to his main target of Schneiderlin.

It also seems that you can link Arsenal to any player without giving any reference to quotes from the manager, clubs, player or player representatives – or to reported sightings of scouts at said player’s games, or anything else for that matter. No, just “Arsenal want to sign X” and us writing it is evidence enough.

Pogba would be an immense signing for Arsenal, I can think of no better player to buy, but I refuse to believe we are genuinely interested in him – to the point of making a bid – based on a tabloid journalist saying “Arsenal want him”.

On that basis I expect you all to take my word as canon when I tell you that Arsenal are Chasing Cars because Wenger bought his daughter a Snow Patrol album for Christmas a few years back. And based on a few of last year’s results Arsenal are also chasing shadows.

And for no other reason than me wanting it to be true for the sheer hilarity of it I am pleased to inform you that Arsenal are chasing the moon who they think could be the answer to our defensive midfield problems.

Wenger is reported as saying behind closed doors that he believes the moon to be of top top quality. He is rumoured to be a fan of Earth’s natural satellite for its ability to influence the tide and for not abandoning its post and drifting away.

He faces a fight to capture the signature of the moon though as Manchester City are also interested as they hope to drill it for oil. A release clause of £500000bn is a little beyond Wenger’s transfer budget but he is hoping too boost his kitty with the sale of Flamini to Saturn for 30p and a new sponsorship deal with North Korea who were impressed with his management of Park Chu Young.

Who writes the headlines at the Express needs to take a long hard look at themselves because a cursory mention of a player does not warrant such a headline.

Rant over and now I look forward to the game against Monaco tomorrow. I’ll have a match preview up soon but in short, I fancy us for a decent win here.

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3 Responses to “Arsenal Chasing Pogba, Cars, Shadows & The Moon”

  1. Nonny says:

    I love this write-up. If nothing, for the single fact that it is exactly what I’m thinking. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is linked to Arsenal by lazy journalists who should know better and some “stupid” fans swallow it hook, line and sinker.

    I did not make the mistake of clicking such blogs since the story emanated from God knows where as they are just ways of attracting traffic. Such stories have no proof and are just pulled from the air to sell newspapers and attract attention.

    There is also this story going round that Arsenal are signing Jackson Martinez from Porto and this morning another of Sergio Busquets (hope the Spelling is correct) simple because they say they want to play in the EPL at some point.

    I have discovered that for every 5 Arsenal players signed the media has no clue of 4 until the deal is about 95% complete e.g. Sanchez, Ozil, Gabriel, Ospina and for even Calum Chambers which nobody knew until he arrived for medical.

    What I know for sure is that 99.9% of stories linking us to Balotelli, Giovinco, Smalling, Ron Vlar, Falcao, Cavani, Hummils, Cech, (and you can name another 100 players) are false.

  2. Matt says:

    Lol! I clicked on your link too!

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