Özil suffering, Bergkamp statue, striker battles & podcasting

By Daniel Cowan
In Arsenal
Feb 21st, 2014

Arsene Wenger said at his Friday morning press conference today that Özil is suffering because of his penalty miss against Bayern but I think it goes a little deeper than that.

I think Özil is suffering from a number of things. He is suffering from fatigue, he is suffering from a lack of runners from the wings and midfield but most of all, and most abhorrently, he is suffering from abuse from the fans.

I don’t want to go into it too much because whenever you mention fans on a blog you open yourself up to vituperation. People don’t like to read about what monumental pricks they have been.

Criticise players’ performances as much as you like, where there is reason to, but don’t take to social media and abuse them. It’s pathetic, iniquitous, puerile, cretinous behaviour and is counter-productive. As @Lordhillwood said on the A Bergkamp Wonderland podcast I guested on last night, Perry Groves wrote in his autobiography that abusing players make them try harder and thus makes them more susceptible to making mistakes. Case in point from recent history – Aaron Ramsey. Abused weekly, works his socks off to get the fans on side, makes a mistake, gets abused more. It’s a vicious circle.

By all means, be upset, criticise a performance, tell a player he has pulled a shocker but don’t verbally abuse him and certainly do not take to social media and abuse his family.

It is going to take time for Mesut to get over his penalty miss as Wenger stated:

“He is over it now?  Certainly not. He apologised after the game but 48 hours is a bit short to get over that. It’s part of the job to deal with disappointment and to show that you can respond to it. He takes his penalties in an unusual way, so people are maybe a little bit less understanding, but everybody can miss penalties. It is his way, you accept it or not. It’s his way of taking penalties like that. At the moment, we have to let him recover from that.”

It’s going to take him a little more time to get over the fatigue and get used to the league. If we, the fans, and I am grouping us all together to avoid issue, get off his back now and just support him he will most likely get over the abuse he has received very quickly. Keep giving him stick and he’s likely to bugger off.

God is a Gooner

God is a Gooner


It was a penalty miss. It was poorly taken. Get over it. It’s not like big players haven’t missed penalties before as Wenger said:

“I had examples before with people like Dennis Bergkamp, who missed an important penalty in ’99 and refused to take any penalties after that. He gets a statute tomorrow (a Bergkamp statue will be unveiled at the Emirates on Saturday) so it doesn’t take a statue away from you! Other people (who miss penalties) don’t mind and they do it again.”

It’s going to be great to see Bergkamp at the Emirates tomorrow and to honour him with a statue. If we give Mesut a chance he might be worthy of a statue one day – he certainly has the talent.

The Return Of Giroud

Giroud is set to return against Sunderland and I see no down side to bringing him back in. Being left out for Sanogo should have incited him to try harder when he gets his next chance and if it doesn’t pay off we know that Sanogo is prepared to grasp his chances with both hands. Giroud has looked very tired so and enforced break was maybe a good thing.

“It is likely Giroud will be involved tomorrow. Resting him was part of a refreshment plan. But Sanogo can make a huge contribution for the rest of the season because he hasn’t played many games.”


On a final note, you all know I co-host the Goonersphere Podcast. We have a new episode out that we hope you will enjoy.

018 – Hate for Robben and a bit of self-indulgence

Up for discussion is the FA Cup win over Liverpool, Bayern match, what a tool Robben is and praise for Sanogo. Plus usual features “Listeners Questions”, “Goonersphere Shoutout” and “Goonersphere Prick of the Week”.

This podcast is explicit in nature and is probably not suitable for children, unless you are a really bad parent or a really cool one depending how you look at it.


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2 Responses to “Özil suffering, Bergkamp statue, striker battles & podcasting”

  1. Jon says:

    well-said. We seem to have let the price tag on Ozil (not to mention the desperate hunger for trophies) blind us a bit to what Ozil brings. He’s not a finisher so much as a service-provider, and his performance will end up depending to a large extent on those who finish his service. I think we can all agree that, in addition to adjusting to the league, he’s had to continually readjust to new finishers as others went down to injury. Just as he was getting acquainted with a teammate, that teammate would go down to injury or a drop in form themselves.

    Thanks for linking this issue to Bergkamp. I know fans are fickle, but it’s a bit of stretch of the imagination to see how quickly people will turn against a player.

  2. Joshua Bamigboye says:

    It amuses me how and why Arsenal fans take to running down their own…Same was done to Eboue before he left and AW had no choice but to substitute him (who was a sub)… It is really bad attacking players personally….attack the ball but not the player… make comments about the performance, encourage him to better next time. He will sure improve – a case in question is Ramsey…If we continue to rap on these chaps, we might likely lose the better ones and are left with no choice but to have an empty club….Lets rise up above pettiness and ensure we support the players all the way…

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