Arsenal’s Next Level

By Daniel Cowan
In Guest Bloggers
Jan 18th, 2013

Today I am delighted to welcome Sultan, better known as Triangle Football , as a guest blogger to North London Is Red. Sultan is a top follow on Twitter, bringing news, views and the odd fake transfer rumour to screw with the guys at the Mirror.  I love this guy and so will you, take it away Sultan….. 

Despite what the media tried to portray prior to these last 2 seasons, Arsenal were closer than ever to being back in the big time. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and after going so close to glory but finding you’re just lacking in the final push is hurtful. It was always that little bit of quality that was missing at Arsenal and boy did it haunt them. After the well publicised 8 trophy-less years that Arsenal have endured, it seems that Wenger has gone back to the drawing board and is trying to recreate his free flowing youthful side but this time with a British twist.

It’s clear that this we’re going to need to make our own luck and buy proven quality to play in amongst the youthful. So here are the top 4 signings that Arsenal should pursue. The list should be read based on the premise that Arsenal can afford all of these players which they are able to do but will however mean less signings. So with the amount of wages that Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski command Arsenal could use this to pay one player and instead of spending £97M in transfer fee’s on 10 players in the last 2 seasons they could have spent it on 4/5 players. In a similar way to which Atletico Madrid replaced Torres, Forlan and Sergio Aguero.

Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez [Malaga] & Christian Eriksen [Ajax] – Francisco more commonly known as Isco, known to have a £16.6M release clause and for someone so young and with talent of that magnitude, it’s a very good deal for anyone who can meet the demands. Christian Eriksen however is more than likely to leave Ajax in the summer with his contract being up the following year and the manager basically saying as much. Arsenal certainly can meet the figures financially for the pair and whilst some experience and steel is what Arsenal need, if they are to go for the youth approach they may as well throw all they have at it and buy the very best young talents.

Maroune Fellaini [Everton] – A safe option and a viable one, apparently a £22M release fee which would amass the amount spent on 2 of our 3 summer signings. With van Persie’s departure Arsenal were in desperate need of a striker, so pairing Fellaini with Podolski or Giroud would have been a successful summer for most Arsenal fans. Despite selling two of your best players you replaced them with quality, in Fellaini, who is better than Song, and in Podolski, a sufficient striker that will get goals. Mix this in with the youthful look of the team; it has the potential not only to challenge but be on top for a number of years.

Radamel Falcao [Atletico Madrid] – It may seem illogical to some but it just goes to show how far the media has you bent over the desk if you think that Arsenal could not afford Falcao. In the summer Arsenal amassed at least £39 million from transfer fees of Alex Song and Robin van Persie alone, in the previous summer Arsenal also spent £53 million on incoming transfers and received £70 million in transfer revenue. Long story short, Arsenal could easily pay Falcao’s €55 release clause, granted it’s risky but imagine instead of buying 3 players in Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski you but one big player like Falcao? May be irresponsible but it’s working for a certain team in Manchester, he who dares wins.

Arsenal could have had both these teams based on the financial numbers on transfers spent last year and income received, what’s frustrating is that we don’t. We always have quite a good team and are always only ever one season away from a title winning team, which is why we’re always stuck in 3rd and 4th.

Something is needed to bridge that gap and propel us back into contention for the title and getting the player/s we need whilst still keeping our existing talent is that something.

Thanks Sultan. Those are certainly some interesting targets and I’m sure your blog has a few Gooners salivating at the prospect.

Thanks for reading guys and helping me support my fellow Gooner bloggers. Please do leave your comments and don’t forget to click that follow button!

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4 Responses to “Arsenal’s Next Level”

  1. Stooee21 says:

    Where is Cazorla in all of your teams…?

  2. GunnerX says:

    Love your optimistic outlook, but for me I really cannot see Wenger shelling out the kind of money required to bring the level of talent you mention. Wenger has already stated that he’ll wait until the last knockings of the window in the hope that he’ll pick up a bargain, knowing full well that most clubs (ambitious one’s) are unlikely to sell their top talent at the very close of the window. Oh wait………………………..

  3. weedonald says:

    Nice try Sultan BUT as you and every other Gooner knows, Wenger won’t spend like that….. and with good cause. Such gambles like Falcao and Felliani would be too risky for the conservative approach the Board and Wenger espouse. The other thing is that the moment Wenger went for either player, City,Chelsea,PSG, Real and maybe even United would step in and outbid us or worse still raise the asking price and then drop out, leaving us high and dry. Wenger and Gazidis know this full well and have always preferred to keep under the radar when looking at transfers. This way, they avoid bidding wars and hyper-inflated asking prices, and at the same time manage to find gems at reasonable fees. i do like Eriksen and Isco and feel they could be affordable if Wenger plays his cards right. My gut tells me we’ll bring in 1-2 new faces in January but at the deadline, Wenger having played poker with the selling teams and, as usual, having won what he wants. If he doesn’t get a bargain, he won’t move in January.

  4. Nice post, but just one problem. Everyone seems to be complaining about a lack of depth in the squad at the moment. Surely the only way to combat this is to buy more players during windows, not less? Yes, Falcao would be phenomenal, but if he got injured, then what? We wouldn’t have Giroud or Podolski as cover, only Theo.

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