Arsenal Vs West Ham: Team Comparison

By Edward V
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Sep 13th, 2016

Even though both Arsenal and West Ham is London based clubs – with both of them going head to head in almost every Premier League season, there are not many things both these clubs share. Be it the trophies, the stature of their managers, the wages of their players, or their respective standing in Europe, both these clubs are miles apart from each other.

However, with the move to West Ham to the Olympic Stadium, many of their fans hope that financial leverage provided by this move would perch their club against the local giants.

Here is how both Arsenal and West Ham compare with each other:

Stadium Capacity

If we have made this comparison before the start of this season, the Gunners would have comfortably come out as the winners. Boleyn Ground – the former home of West Ham, had a stadium capacity of around 35,000 people. However, with their move to the renovated Olympic Stadium, the Hammers have come in the position to fight with their local rivals at least on the financial side of things.

With a capacity of 60,000 for Premier League games, the Hammers now have the 4th biggest stadium in England. However, much to the dismay of any Hammers’ fans out there, they are just behind the Gunners in this regard.

While the Emirates might be questioned for its atmosphere, there is certainly no short of bodies in every Arsenal home game. According to an estimate, the Gunners’ home stadium boasts a capacity of around 60,432.

Thus, with a margin of just 400 seats the Gunners have a slightly bigger stadium than their local rivals.

Managers at the helm

When West Ham sacked Sam Allardyce 1 season ago, there were many skeptics of that decision within their own ranks. However, one person who knew what he knew back then was West Ham Chairman David Gold. Through his vocal Social Media account, Mr. Gold stated that West Ham were aiming for glory in the coming seasons, glory, which couldn’t be provided by Sam Allardyce. As a result, Slaven Bilic was recalled.

Much to the delight of the Hammers, Slaven Bilic was able to do what his predecessor couldn’t have imagined; he finished above Liverpool, Chelsea and Everton.

However, while West Ham tickets punched above their weight last season, it wasn’t enough to rank Bilic above the likes of Wenger. While the French manager has won 3 Premier Leagues, 6 FA Cups, and 6 Community Shields – not to mentioned 1 Ligue 1 title with AS Monaco, Bilic is still looking to open his account in terms of trophies.

Thus, with all due respect to the Croat, it is the French Professor who is ranked above him on the list of managerial heavyweights.


While there is no standard barometer to judge the atmosphere in Premier League clubs, Daily Telegraph rated the Premier League teams in terms of atmosphere last season. Citing factors such as vibrancy from the fans, their attention to the game, the English media outlet concluded that the Hammers have a better atmosphere at home than Arsenal.

According to the very rankings, West Ham were ranked 6th in the Premier League in terms of atmosphere. As for the Gunners, they stand at a distant 17th spot. While one could say that this isn’t a standard by any means, those fans who have gone to both these stadiums will testify about the veracity of this judgement.

In every home game of the Hammers, bubbles seem to be in the air ever since the first whistle. However, when it comes to Arsenal, even their stands are not filled before the first whistle. Add to the menu the increased ticket prices which Arsenal charge from its fans and one could easily judge why the Gunners usually fail to create a noteworthy atmosphere.

According to yet another report, Hammers’ fans are louder than their North London counterparts. Thus, be it atmosphere, the sound of the fans, and the engagement of the local community, Hammers are way ahead of their local rivals.

Head to Head

With all due respect to the above-mentioned words, this is what matters at the end of the day. Ever since “Woolwich” Arsenal played West Ham United for the first time in 1906 in the FA Cup, both these teams have gone head to head 133 times in all competitions. No prizes for guessing which team has won more games.

Even if Arsenal lose 26 of their upcoming games against West Ham on a trot – a feat which looks as unlikely on paper as it is on ground, the Gunners would still have won the 1-more game than their local rivals.

Overall, in 113 matches between both these clubs, the Gunners have won 61, losing just 34 in the process. Thus, in terms of matches won, the Gunners enjoy unequivocal dominance over their local rivals.


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