Arsenal don’t miss Santi Cazorla…

By Daniel Cowan
In Arsenal
Jan 24th, 2017

Frequent visitors to this site, rare as my articles have been in recent months, or regular listeners to the Goonersphere Podcast, rarer still as our new episodes are, will know I believe Arsenal are not the same team when Santi Cazorla isn’t playing and his absences in the past few season has ultimately cost us the title more than once.

However, new stats from daily fantasy football game paints a different picture. Since joining the club in 2012, Cazorla has played a total of 129 league games and has been absent for 45. The data Oulala have come with suggests his absence is not as negatively influential as his inclusion is positive.

In the 129 games he has featured, Arsenal have won 78, resulting in a win percentage of 60%. Without him they have won 23 of the 45 matches, a win rate of 51%. The Gunners win more games with Cazorla, however other stats show Arsenal fare just as well without him.

Arsenal have picked up 261 points from a possible 387 on offer when the 32-year-old has featured, an average of 2 points per game . This narrowly drops by just 0.1 points per game without him (84 from a possible 135).

Offensively, when Cazorla has been in the team Arsenal have scored 242 goals in 129 matches, an average 1.9 goals per game. Without him they have netted 84 goals in 45 games, also an average of 1.9 per match.

Defensively the Gunners have conceded 123 goals with Cazorla, an average of 1 goal per game, to just 0.1 more per match without him (50 goals in 45 games).

The stats suggest Arsenal are not as dependent on our diminutive maestro as many, including me, like to make out. Alternatively, the argument can be made that stats aren’t everything. I like stats but I also trust my eyes. I cannot profess to be objective enough to trust my eyes alone so I use stats to enforce or temper my views. When I watch Arsenal with Santi Cazorla I see an infinitely more entertaining team and always believed we struggled to create enough chances to win games without him. However, these stats suggest Arsenal are no less effective sans Cazorla; they just don’t look as good and perhaps that is the real takeaway.

The numbers may say we don’t miss Cazorla but I think we do and cannot wait to see him back on the Emirates’ carpet dancing a merry jig.

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4 Responses to “Arsenal don’t miss Santi Cazorla…”

  1. the mathematician says:

    The amount that Arsenal do better with Cazorla is small. But y such small margins are games won and lost and Leagues won and lost. Stats measure quantity not quality.Cazorla is quality.

  2. JOEL says:

    We should not,even,be discussing the problems posed by the absence of a 32 year old central midfielder.A replacement should have been making his presence felt over the last two years.As usual,however,Monsieur Wenger prefers to wait until a player either insists upon leaving himself;his form has dropped off to such a degree that he can no longer be considered for selection;or his contract is about to expire….Always reactionary as opposed to pro-active.That said your statistics should only include those games when Cazorla played centrally as it’s this role where he’s crucially missed…moving the ball FORWARD with purpose as opposed to sideways (Coquelin/Ramsey).The team lacks pace in attack and a cutting edge without him or anyone else who is able to fulfil such a role….Perhaps Wilshire?…although without the nous of Mr Dein Arsenal were,obviously,unable to put together a loan deal with Bournemouth comparable to that negotiated by Chelski for Ake.

  3. whatever says:

    Also 261 points from 387 is not 2 points per game

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